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BYKidO is the go-to platform for Parents to discover Kids activities and classes. We reach over 20,000 Parents monthly across our various channels (Website, Facebook, Emails, and Offline)

We can help you reach an audience of young parents! 

Why Advertises on BYKidO? 

  • BYKidO is focused on creating the go-to platform for Parents to discover kids activities and classes
  • Daily content creation to encourage engagement and repeat visits by our audience
  • MediaCorp invested in BYKidO in July 2017, providing mentorship and resources to accelerate growth
  • Unique offering of BYKidO Pass and Marketing Options to help you reach a targeted audience of Young Parents
  • Positive Brand Association – BYKidO is seen as a unique offering by an audience who believes in the value BYKidO offers them (see what Parent are saying)

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