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Event Listings | Free and Paid Options to Reach Our Parenting Community

is the go-to platform for parents to discover family events and experience. Every month, over 60,000 parents use BYKidO to find places to go and things to do with their families. We can help you reach out to them!

A Targeted Audience with Intent

A Targeted Community, Parents With The Right Intent, Multiple Online to Offline Channels, and a Trusted Partner! 

    Free Limited Listing For Relevant Partners. Simply Fill Up This Form And Get Listed On Selected Channels

    Get Wider Exposure Through Cross-Channel Campaigns On BYKidO. From Advertising To Sales Channel Services, We Work With You To Engage Our Community.


    Through BYKidO's everyday content, we reach and engage with a community of young families with the right INTENTION! This is how we help brands be seen by a parenting community that is looking for places to go and things to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis!

    Download our Media Kit for more details and case studies! or Email us,, to have a no-obligation discussion.