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Event Listings | Free and Paid Options to Reach Our Parenting Community

is the go-to platform for parents to discover family events and experience. Every month, over 200,000 parents use BYKidO to find the next place to go and thing to do with their families. 

It is not just about eyeballs and reach, our community of young parents use BYKidO with a purpose and with the intent to discover an event or experience for the family!  

We regularly engage with our audience through our various channels 

*Updated Dec 2022

    Our Offerings

    • Free Event / Deals Listing
      For relevant events and deals, we offer free sharing across our free-to-share channels, including Facebook Group and Telegram Channel. This is a curated process and not every event or promotion will be featured. Submit your event or deal here. 
    • eCommerce Listing
      We offer a commission-based model for relevant brands looking to list their services on our eShop. You may consider the following types of listings. 
      • Coupons: usually for larger exclusive discounts and deals. Fees:¬†$0
      • Direct:¬†usually for full-priced or slight-discounted listings. Fees: Commission-based
      • Flash and Redeem: usually for transactions that take place outside of Fees:¬†Listing-fee applicable
      • Sample / Trial Store: for brands looking to offer limited period samples or trials.¬†
      • Submit your listing interest here and we will get in touch
    • Advertising
      From content creation to influencer marketing, from online campaigns to offline events, we help brands tell their story, and share their events and experiences to a targeted audience, crafted by the knowledge we have as part of our community and as parents ourselves. See our case studies and services offered. To find out more and to share more about yourself, contact us ( now!


    Get Wider Exposure Through Cross-Channel Campaigns With BYKidO. From Advertising To eCommerce Services, We Work With You To Engage Our Community.


    Through our daily content, we reach and engage with a community of young families with the right INTENT! This is how we help brands be seen by a parenting community looking for places to go and things to do!