The Fifty Cents Food Fest – Eat, Play, Have Fun & Cash Some Rewards

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Location: Chinatown Food Street, Smith Street, Chinatown 
27 Jul – 28 Jul 2019
11 am – 11 pm
Free (Enjoy exclusive vouchers from Klook to enjoy 50% off selected dishes)

The Fifty Cents Food Fest

The Fifty Cents Fest is back for the fourth year and this year, the festival will be featuring an assortment of traditional Hokkien dishes, alongside other exciting activities and entertainment. The festival provides flavors alongside experiences that are authentically Hokkien.

Here’s a peek at what The Fifty Cents Fest has to offer you this year!

Traditional Hokkien Dishes

This year’s Fifty Cents Food Fest will see over 40 stalls and mobile vendors offering over 50 different traditional Hokkien dishes, such as Hokkien-style rice, noodles, pastries and ice-cold deserts, priced from $0.50 to $3.00. Some of the dishes at the fest are sure to make Ah Gongs and Ah Mas nostalgic for they are rarely found these days.

The Fifty Cents Food Fest - Traditional Hokkien DishesCha Gay Ah (Hokkien Tapioca Noodles)

The Fifty Cents Food Fest - Traditional Hokkien DishesJee Ba Wan (Fried Meatballs) and Ngoh Hiang (Fried Five Spiced Pork Roll)

The Fifty Cents Food Fest - Traditional Hokkien DishesSng Bao (Traditional Ice Bag)

Hidden Pop-up Restaurant

Hidden somewhere along Chinatown Food Street, a traditional Hokkien restaurant, inspired by the Malaysia Hokkien Tai Pai Tong concepts, will be serving up appetizing dishes such as Fried Black Hokkien Noodles, hei zho (prawn rolls) and Buddha Jumps Over The Wall (a nutritious soup containing premium ingredients).

The Fifty Cents Food Fest - Hidden Pop-up Restaurant
Black Hokkien Mee

The Fifty Cents Food Fest - Hidden Pop-up Restaurant
Buddha Jump Over The Wall

However, it’s not going to be easy to get your hands on such a feast. The location of this hidden pop-up restaurant will only be revealed on a directory at the event!

Games and Getai

Held over two days, The Fifty Cents Fest will not only be serving up toothsome delights to keep you full but also an array of exciting activities to keep you entertained! The line-up includes an arcade zone with old-school games like whack-a-frog, bishi bashi, and claw machines among others, a Hokkien wedding-themed photobooth, as well as getai and opera performances.

Additionally, you can also shop for a variety of Hokkien-inspired merchandise from local brands like Sibey Nostalgic.

Cashless Rewards

You can leave all the hassle of handling cash at home for The Fifty Cents Fest, all you’ll need is the OCBC Pay Anyone app with you can make QR code payments. Not only is it fuss-free, but you also get to cash yourself some rewards for the first 10,000 OCBC Pay Anyone users can redeem $1 off coupons at the event. Anywhere else it might not be much but at The Fifty Cents, that’s two more dishes to munch on!

The Fifty Cents Fest - Cashless Rewards

Aside from that you can also grab exclusive vouchers from Klook to enjoy 50% off selected dishes!



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