The Best of Japanese Food Culture at Oishii! Delicious Japan Event in Singapore

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Enjoy signature Japanese food, participate in an informative panel discussion, and learn about Japanese culture at Oishii! Delicious Japan.

Venue: Waseda Shibuya Senior High School
Dates: 5 March 2023
Admission: Free

JFOODO and Waseda Shibuya Senior High School are pleased to present Oishii! Delicious Japan, a one-day event on 5 March 2023 at the Waseda Shibuya Senior High School in Singapore. The event aims to educate and encourage appreciation among Singaporean youths for Japanese food culture.

Experience Japanese Food Culture Through Tasting

The event will provide guests with an opportunity to savor various signature Japanese foods and learn about Japanese culture. The first 80 people to register for the event will enjoy a complimentary bento set provided by a modern Japanese restaurant! 

Families can expect dishes that fulfills a significant theme which reflects the charm and value of Japanese food culture - there are five main themes of Japanese food culture.

  • Spirituality: the feeling of respect and love for nature expressed in the form of food;
  • Sociality: demonstrating how food is a medium to bring about family cohesion and¬†collaboration;
  • Functionality: excellent nutritional balance with dishes complementing rice amongst¬†nature‚Äôs bounty of vegetables and seafood;
  • Locality: a showcase of the various kinds of agricultural, forestry and fishery¬†products produced by the long north-south topography of Japan and lastly;¬†
  • Skill: the mastery of different utensils, tools and cooking techniques in Japanese¬†food preparation

Panel Discussion with Japanese Tourism and Food Experts

Guests will have the opportunity to participate in an informative panel discussion with Japanese tourism and food experts, including Mr. George Lim, a Publisher for GoJAPAN and Ms. Chiyomi Kawasaki, a well-known Japanese Culinary Instructor.

The event will also feature student presentations where attendees will be invited to share their perspectives on Japanese food culture.

Register Now for Oishii! Delicious Japan

Oishii! Delicious Japan is open to the public and free! However, registration is compulsory on Eventbrite. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the best of Japanese food culture in Singapore.


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