Saturdays@ACM: A Style for Every Story

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Learn about traditional outfits and bond with your kids over a hands-on craft activity with Saturdays@ACM this month!

Saturdays@ACM: A Style for Every Story
Photo credits Asian Civilisations Museum

Location: Online
29 Aug – 25 Sep 2020
Suitable Ages: 5 – 10 years

Saturdays@ACM has become much more accessible since going online in May 2020. Not only is it available for a wider audience, but it is also not limited to one day. You’re able to access and benefit from the resources online for about a month!

This month, on Saturdays@ACM: A Style for Every Story, you will discover different styles of traditional outfits from the museum’s collection.

Download the templates provided and create traditional outfits for a paper doll by following the video tutorial. Then listen to “The Emperor’s New Clothes” in audio storytelling.



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