Rollermania 3.0 - Retro Roller Skating with Neon Lights at Plaza Singapura!

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The carpark on Level 7 of Plaza Singapura has been transformed into a fantastical, fun-filled playground of neon lights and funky music with an immersive roller skating experience!

Venue: Plaza Singapura, Level 7 Carpark
Dates: 17 Nov 2023 - 1 Jan 2024
Admission: from $20 (Get tickets here)

Get ready to roll back to the 70’s and experience the thrill of rockin’ retro roller skating at RollerMania 3.0 at Plaza Singapura! Happening from 17 Nov 2023 to 1 Jan 2024, come experience a fantastical, fun-filled playground of neon lights and funky music with an immersive roller skating experience. A rocking playlist will keep the energy high and the good times rolling, while an electrifying pop-up arcade curated by Timezone comes jam-packed with thrilling games and machines, both nostalgic and fresh, while a bustling carnival with numerous rides and games makes sure that the good times keep on rolling!

A Roller Disco Blast from the Past

Plaza Singapura’s Carpark Level 7 will be transformed into a skater’s haven with themed nights such as Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival, Swifties “Skate it Off”, TikTok Top Hits, and Seoul Soundscape Kpop Nights – setting the perfect ambience for participants to fully immerse themselves in the retro past while enjoying the adrenaline rush during the 2-hour session under the disco lights! Reliving the neon nostalgia, glide and groove across the retro skate rink on the LED-lit wheels as we bring you on a fabulous ride. 

Catch veteran skaters Nick (@skater_ncck), Faith (@rollingpeyth) and Chuan (@chuan_skate) from 3pm – 9pm on all weekends for a quick lesson and leave the skating rink with a new skill. Protective gear and skate assists will also be available on site for both adults and kids alike – so the little ones are welcome to come along for a fun time to remember!

Nostalgic Arcade Experience

Families will also be transported to an electrifying underground arcade by Timezone! Try your hand at some of Timezone’s popular arcade games such as Centipede Chaos and Mario Kart Arcade Dx Twin where you get to go up against each other or play tag team as you join forces with your loved ones to take down the enemies together with agility and precision, creating cherished moments of shared achievement that one will always look back on. 

If you’re looking to take a trip down memory lane at this retro playground, we’ve got the perfect games for you as well! Feel the thrill as you challenge yourselves to beat the highest scores recorded on timeless classics such as the James Bond Pro Pinball and Operation Ghosts, where skills and precision are put to the test as you step into the action-packed worlds of fun with your friends and family alike.

FiestaMania Carnival

Discover the carnival fun with amusement rides such as Creamy Carousel, Sprinkler Tanker Ride, LED Water Boat, Battle Ships Merry-Go-Round, and a Basketball Shoot-out Challenge at the FiestaMania Carnival! The fun never ends as The X Agency brings you several timeless carnival games such as Hook a Duck, Lobster Pot, Can Smash and Rebound – so be sure to check out these games and win home some amazing prizes!

Opening Hours

RollerMania 3.0 is open from 12pm – 10pm on Mondays to Thursdays, Sundays and Public Holidays, and 11am – 11pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Public Holiday Eves – come down and join us for an incredible roller night with a pumping rock playlist!


The tickets are now exclusively available on so grab your tickets now and don’t miss out on the fun. 

RollerMania 3.0

  • Off-peak (Mondays to Thursdays): $20 (single), $68 (bundle of 4)
  • Peak (Fridays to Sundays, Public Holiday Eves and Public Holidays): $25 (single), $85 (bundle of 4)

Get tickets here.

TimeZone Underground Arcade

  • Pay $45 for $50 Timezone Credits + 1 RollerMania 3.0 Skate Rink Ticket (U.P. $75)
  • Pay $150 for $150 Timezone Credits + 4 RollerMania 3.0 Skate Rink Ticket (U.P. $250)

Get bundles here

FiestaMania Carnival Credits

  • 50 Credits: $47.50 (Online exclusive discount of 5%)
  • 100 Credits: $90 (Online exclusive discount of 10%)

Get credits here



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