Pikachu Air Adventures - Dancing Pikachus and Aerial Drone Display at The Promontory

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Happening from 18 to 20 Nov 2022, fans of Pikachu can head down to The Promontory at Marina Bay for a treat! 

Venue: The Promontory, Marina Bay
Dates: 18 - 20 Nov 2022, 7.30 pm - 7.50 pm
Admission: Free

Part of the Pikachu Weekend in Singapore, catch the electrifying performance of 9 Pikachus and the skies of Marina Bay light up with 500 drones performing a Pokemon display! There will also be a ton of different events in Gardens by the Bay and nearby! 

Pokémon Air Adventures: Pikachu Night Show at Marina Bay

Afro Pikachu and a team of his fellow Pikachu will dance the night away at this must-see event at The Promontory at Marina Bay! 

Come and catch the Afro Pikachu and nine other Pikachus do a music and dance performance! There will also be a aerial display by 500 drones that will light up the night sky with Pokemon-themed designs! 

The night show is free to watch, but entry will be capped based on the number of visitors and may be subject to change or cancellation in the event of wet weather.

Spotted online, it seems like there will also be pyrotechnic displays and entry starts from 4 pm. The official site states that the show starts from 7.30 pm. 


Lots of photogenic picture spots can be found throughout Gardens by the Bay. Discover them, snap a picture and share with your friends! This is also part of the Pokémon GO Safari Zone event! 


So if you are looking for somewhere to go, this is an exciting event to look out for! 


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