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1st Ever Pikachu Night Parade, Instagrammable Light Installations and more @ Sentosa's Island Lights!

Location: Palawan Beach Date: 1 Feb -   14 Mar 2019 Hour: 9 am – 11 pm Admission: FREE What is happening? What’s cuter than a Pikachu? Seeing nine Pikachu at one place! Catch the 1st Ever Pikachu Night Parade outside of Japan and groove along with nine LED light adorned Pikachu as they march and dance past Palawan Pirate Ship and Palawan Kidz City. You may also wish to embark on adventures aboard the illuminated Palawan Pirate Ship and get your hands dirty making Glitter Slime and Liquid Squishy Ball with your little ones. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER! WE BRING YOU THE CONTENT YOU NEED!   View this post on Instagram // where are we today // At...

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