NERF x KKday Sports Camp (7 - 11 Years Old) | Battle Zombies and More!

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The NERF Adventure Sports Camp is back for its 2nd run after a successful March holiday! 

For the March holidays, NERF collaborated with KKday to run a 1-day adventure sports camp for kids. It was sold out within a few days and due to the popular demand, they are bringing it back for a 2nd run for the Easter week! 

There are just 9 sessions available for booking, and we have included the details below together with pictures from the previous session too. Mummy Kengie who attended the session in March also shares what her boy thinks of the camp! 

*Do note that the sessions are only for kids above 7 yrs old at the time of the camp and not for the year of birth. 

Venue: NERF Action Experience Centre
Dates: 5, 8 and 9 Apr 2021
Time: 3.45pm, 4.15 pm or 4.30 pm
Fees: $49.99 

Enroll your kids in the fun, collaborative, and character-building NERF Sports Camp brought to you by KKday. Children will enjoy an afternoon filled with activities that stimulate their creative, physical, and collaborative skills, all the while working with teammates to take part in classic NERF games. School’s out. Camp’s in.

This camp is suitable for kids between 7 - 11 years old. 

Create Fun Memories!

Your children will take part in activities that will test their teamwork and agility skills, as well as give them room to express their creative side. Each team of eight will enjoy their own private rooms to best enhance teamwork and camaraderie.

Unleash Creativity

The day starts with heritage games to get the groups to familiarize themselves, this is followed by a visit to the Create Zone, where the kids will take part in the Art Attack! An activity designed to stimulate creative skills and hand-eye coordination, allowing kids to go wild with their own T-shirt designs.

Battle As A Team

After a series of pep talks and ra-ra, the kids will be ready to tackle the Zombie City! This is a collaborative challenge in which teams of 8 (7 kids plus the trainer) are tasked with saving humanity from a zombie invasion! The team will navigate the BATTLE zone and coordinate on how best to eliminate the threat.

Celebrating Accomplishments

Finally, all sports camp participants will take part in an Award Ceremony and receive badges and certificates of completion from the trainer. A group photo will cap off the day to ensure you remember this day of accomplishments.

Fees and Inclusions

Each ticket is priced at $49.99 per child and it includes the 2.5hr admission to the NERF x KKday Sports Camp. Kids will also receive

  • a NERF T-Shirt,
  • the T-Shirt designed at the Art Attack and 
  • 1 badge and certificate of completion. 

Note that the ticket does not include Adult admission. If you wish to observe your child, you will need to purchase an adult entry on-site. 

Mummy Reviews

My boy attended the afternoon session in March and it is unfortunate that parents are not allowed in. 

However, Kento says that the experience was pretty thrilling. In picture, there's a zip lock bag that contains a tee designed by him (he tried explaining that it was made by 🔫,  spraying). According to him there is an option of choosing a tee or bag.

It look quite popular with the crowd at the entrance and the signboard for indicating the ticket for the day was showing fully sold out. Thanks for the fun Xperience!

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