National Day Rehearsal Dates and National Day Parade 2023 (Fireworks Timing Too)

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National Day Parade (NDP) 2023 happens on 9 August with rehearsals and previews show happening across June and July!

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  • NDP Rehearsals: 10, 17 & 24 June 2023
  • NE Shows: 2, 8, 15 July 2023
  • NDP Previews: 22 & 29 July 2023
  • NDP 2023: 9 Aug 2023

The National Day Parade (NDP) 2023 will be held on 9 August 2023 at the Padang. Families can expect the Red Lions parachute team, an enhance aerial fly past, marching contingents, spectacular performances, fireworks and more! There will also be heartland celebrations happening across 5 venues in Singapore!

While the parade is happening at the Padang, the main fireworks will still be happening at Marina Bay. So for families who are keen, here are the dates and firework timings as well as some tips on catching the works!

National Day Parade Dates

Photo from 2021, for illustration purpose only

The following are the dates for rehearsals and NDP2023

  • NDP Rehearsals: 10, 17 & 24 June 2023
  • NE Shows: 2, 8, 15 July 2023
  • NDP Previews: 22 & 29 July 2023
  • NDP 2023: 9 Aug 2023

On 9 Aug, you will also get to catch the fireworks from Bedok, Jurong West, Toa Payoh, Woodlands & Tampines too. 

*Note that fireworks might not be happening on all rehearsal dates. 

**We received queries about the date of the NE Shows, especially 2 July 2023, which is a Sun (instead of the usual Sat). Our dates are based on the road closure dates available on the NDP2023 website. Also, we believe 1 July 2023 is unavailable due to it being SAF Day. 

Fireworks Timing

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We will update this list when we have the information. Below are some of the key timings from 2022 for reference - note that these are NOT timings for 2023.

  • 8.12 pm: Stage Fireworks and Fire Display
  • 8.23 - 8.27 pm: Fireworks Show
  • 8.29 pm: Fireworks (National Anthem)

*Unofficial update: the main fireworks timing for NDP 2023 will start from approx. 8 pm - 8.20 pm.

Catch the RSAF Island Flypast

Venue: Check route above
Dates: 29 Jul and 9 Aug, 5.30 pm - 6.30 pm

As part of the Fly Our Flag segment, the state flag will be flown on two routes around the island. And just for RSAF55, an RSAF55 Island Flypast of 10 aircraft will make their way through the heartlands as well! Find out which assets you’ll be able to wave to and where to catch them on 29 Jul and 9 Aug! 

Try spotting the State Flag carried by the Chinook Helicopter with a pair of Apache helicopters and specially for the RSAF55 celebrations, families will get a view of the A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport with 6 F-16D and 3 F-15SG fighter aircrafts. 

Tips for Catching NDP Rehearsal

This year's NDP is happening at the Padang, so families who like to catch the parade for free, you can actually make your way to the area outside The Arts House and the Parliament House. This is the junction where the marching contingent as well as mobile column will go past. 

The mobile column will also park outside Funan Mall, along North Bridge Road after it's segment at the parade. 

*Note that this is based on our observations on the 1st combine rehearsal and these may change. 

Tips For Catching the Fireworks

The fireworks display is a popular event and places to catch the fireworks normally get crowded very early. Below are some tips that we like to share for families who are thinking of heading out to catch the fireworks

  • Try catching the fireworks on the rehearsals or preview - these are usually less crowded and easier to manage if you are bringing kids.
  • Catch it at the heartlands - this year's parade will include fireworks in 5 heartland venues and it might be less crowded in these places too.¬†
  • Get in early and book your spot - the venues get crowded easily, so we suggest heading into the area early and take your spot. It might not always be the best spot, but at least you have a spot.¬†
  • Less is more - bring as little things as possible. Think baby carrying instead of pram, one bag instead of multiple smaller ones, etc. But definitely don't forget the water, snacks and other essentials for the children.
  • Think about getting out - don't just consider getting into the venue. The bigger concern is leaving the venue when everyone else is leaving too - public transport will be full and private hire/taxis will be hard to come by. We suggest making your way out just before the main fireworks. This way you can still watch the fireworks and have a head start out!¬†
  • Take note of road closures - if you are planning to drive, do take note of the road closures. This year's parade should be more lenient since the actual parade is happening at the Padang while the main fireworks are at Marina Bay.¬†
  • Catch it at home - otherwise, catching the fireworks at home on TV is also a great experience, without the above considerations.¬†

Places To Watch The Fireworks

Best Places to Catch New Year’s Fireworks for Free - Bay East Garden
Photo Credits: Gardens by the Bay

Below is a list of places that you may catch the fireworks. Note that these places do get crowded quickly - especially with photographers and others wanting to catch a glimpse of the parade. 

  • Marina Bay Waterfront
  • The Promontory
  • Gardens by the Bay East
  • Merlion Park
  • Along Esplanade Drive
  • Esplanade
  • Marina Barrage (partial view)
  • Helix Bridge / Sheares Bridge

Apart from the fireworks, there are much more happening for NDP2023.


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