June Holiday Happenings At Jewel Changi Airport | Jewel Blooms & Family Camp At Changi Experience Studio

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Jewel Blooms returns with a floral fantasia, and Changi Experience Studio¬†introduces ‚ÄėAn Enchanted Night at the Airport‚Äô garden-themed camp for the June school holidays.

June Holiday Happenings At Jewel Changi Airport

Looking for some fun activities to enjoy as a family this upcoming school holiday? Well, fret not because Jewel Blooms and Changi Experience Studio's family camp are back at Jewel Changi Airport for the June holidays! Here's taking a closer look at what you and your family can look forward to:

Jewel Blooms: What A Feelin5

Programme Highlights

  • Floral-themed Displays at Canopy Park

Venue: Canopy Park, Level 5
Date: 24 May to 11 Aug 2024
Time: 10am to 9pm (Mon to Thu) | 10am to 10pm (Fri to Sun, PH Eve & PH)
Fee: S$11 (Standard Rate) | S$9 (Singapore Residents)

Step into a floral fairytale at Jewel’s June marquee event - Jewel Blooms: What A Feelin5, taking place from 24 May to 11 August 2024. A sensory spectacle with over 15,000 breathtaking, larger-than-life floral displays, visitors can explore five distinct zones in Canopy Park inspired by emotions such as happiness, peace, love, passion, and a touch of adventurous discovery.

Blooming Across Your Senses

The collection of floral displays and unique kinetic blooms, coupled with enchanting scents, interactive elements and soothing music will captivate your senses for an immersive experience.

Get lost in a sunflower maze bursting with a sea of over 3,000 cheerful blooms and 70 towering sunflowers at Hedge Maze: A Maze of Sunshine. For a touch of whimsy, navigate the Mirror Maze: Tranquil Blossoms that is adorned with 1,000 cascading pink, purple, and white wisterias, creating a mesmerising kaleidoscope effect. Keep your eyes peeled for a touch of surprise at Topiary Walk: Bloomventure. An abandoned jeep and giant animatronic Venus fly-traps lurking around every bend, add a rustic touch to the exploration.

Romance fills the air at Foggy Bowls: Blooming in Love with over 80 lighted paper and kinetic flowers dancing in the gentle mist, creating a captivating spectacle. Fluttery butterflies (some even kinetic!) measuring up to 1.7 metres in height add to the enchanting atmosphere. Seek serenity at Source Pool: Swimming in Harmony, a tranquil display that features nine larger-than-life goldfishes swimming among live water plants on a misty pond.

Finally, prepare to be awestruck at Petal Garden: Super Blooms by Megumi Shinozaki, the largest installation at Jewel Blooms. Megumi is a renowned contemporary floral artist from Tokyo, Japan, and this is the first time her work is displayed in Southeast Asia. Inspired by California's breathtaking superbloom phenomenon, this artwork features 10,000 bundles of hybrid starchis (a type of double-flowering cherry blossom variety) and preserved hydrangeas specially-flown in from Japan. Together, they recreate the vibrant mix of wild flowers that form the rare occurrence of a superbloom. These meticulously arranged blooms present a symphony of colours across two mountain structures towering 2.8 metres tall, transporting visitors to a world of floral fantasy.

These floral features, and more, will surely make picture-perfect memories! Canopy Park tickets for Jewel Blooms are available for sale here.

  • Jewel Blooms Marketplace

Venue: Basement 1 Atrium
31 May to 9 Jun 2024
10am to 10pm

Shop for plants, flowers, handmade crochet flowers and other unique craft, accessories and lifestyle products from 13 stores. Find special trinkets to decorate your green space or home!

  • Plant Swap

Venue: Level 2 South Gateway Garden
1 Jun 2024
10am to 12pm 
Free Admission

Meet with fellow plant parents at this plant swap event and exchange and discover new additions for your green family! Join the Jewel Plant Swap Facebook page to secure tickets for the event. 

  • Youth Floral Cup

Date: 24 May 2024 
Fee: S$30 (Registration is required)

A floral design competition for primary school students that aims to inspire the next generation of budding florists. Participants will be provided a surprise box of fresh flowers and leaves, and have one hour to design their floral artwork. Sign ups are open now, e-mail: jewelblooms@jewelchangiairport.com for more details.

Changi Experience Studio: An Enchanted Night at the Airport

Venue: Changi Experience Studio (Level 4, Jewel Changi Airport)
Date: from 1 to 22 Jun 2024 (every Fri & Sat) 
Time: 2.30pm to 8am (the next day)
Fee: S$98 (Adult) / S$128 (Child, recommended for 5 years old & above) | Make your booking here

The sold-out "A Night at the Airport" camp is back! In this whimsical garden-themed instalment, put your creative hat on through an arts and crafts workshop, making a floral resin paperweights with pressed flowers from Changi Airport’s very own nursery, conquering horticulture-themed challenges in a special quest, and capping the night off with a magical sleepover in the enchanted Changi Experience Studio!  

The camp includes:

  • "Be an Airport Horticulturist" Family Quest
  • Floral Resin Craft workshop [one kit per child]
  • Jewel Blooms at Canopy Park
  • Magical sleepover at Changi Experience Studio [Air mattress provided]
  • Entry to Changi Experience Studio [per person]¬†- worth S$19.80 per adult and S$14.80 per child
  • Exclusive Changi Scent Inspired Organic White Tea (per adult)
  • Free parking¬†coupon (per family)

Programme Highlights

  • "Be an Airport Horticulturist" Family Quest

Embark on a fun-filled "Be an Airport Horticulturist" Family Quest with your children while learning fun facts about plants around the airport!

Conquer challenges as a family and nd learn fun facts about the plants and nature found in the Changi Airport. This quest promises an unforgettable adventure filled with excitement and discovery. Earn points to exchange for a badge kit and make your very own badge for keeps!

  • Floral Resin Workshop

Did you know that the flowers and plants you see in the terminals are grown in Changi's nursery? In this workshop, unleash your creativity and have fun crafting your own resin paperweights from flowers and leaves that can be found in the airport!

  • A Magical Sleepover¬†in Changi Experience Studio

After a fun-filled day, experience¬†a magical sleepover with your child in a whimsical garden-themed ‚Äėcamp-site‚Äô, with tents laid on grass turf, surrounded by life-size otters and flowers. You will also get to enjoy a mesmerizing view of the Rain Vortex and Forest Valley.

Air mattress will be provided.

  • Fun & Games in Changi Experience Studio and Jewel Blooms at Canopy Park!

Photo Credits: Changi Airport Group

Continue to play to your heart's content at Changi Experience Studio and deepen your knowledge about the inner workings of the airport through interactive stations and games!

Be treated to a visual spectacle at Jewel Blooms, Canopy Park! From larger-than-life installations to whimsical arrangements, visitors can look forward to a with five distinct zones of interactive displays that come with aromatic scents and immersive music for an exciting floral adventure. 


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