Huayi 2020 | A Chinese Festival of Arts for Families!

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Location: Esplanade
Date: 31 Jan - 9 Feb 2020
Hour:¬†ÔĽŅVarious Timings
Admission: Free (unless otherwise stated)

Launched in 2003 during the Chinese New Year,¬†Huayi ‚Äď Chinese Festival of Arts¬†was introduced as one of four annual cultural festivals at Esplanade ‚Äď Theatres on the Bay celebrating Singapore‚Äôs multicultural heritage.¬†

We aspire to make Huayi the pinnacle festival for Chinese artists, and to be internationally recognised as an arts festival that showcases the works of the most outstanding Chinese artists. 

It's an opportunity for families to introduce the Chinese language through arts, and to bring the children onto a mini- learning journey! We explore some of the family- friendly happenings at Huayi 2020! 

Huayi Opening

Date: 31 Jan 2020
Time: 6.45 pm
Venue: Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

Rousing drumbeats and energetic lions! Huayi ‚Äď Chinese Festival of Arts opens with a lively, breath-taking performance by the award-winning Yiwei Athletic Association on high poles, followed by a spirit lifting percussion presentation by A Bigger Bang Percussion.¬†

Gullinkambi - Puppetry Theatre for Children

Date: 7 - 9 Feb 2020
Time: Fri: 11 am & 2 pm | Sat & Sun: 2 pm & 5 pm 
Venue: Esplanade Recital Studio
Ticketing: $30 (Purchase here)

*No admission for ages below 3. 

In a small town near the North Pole, there lived a little girl named Sonna and her best friend, the polar bear Gullinkambi. One night, Gullinkambi is nowhere to be found. Unable to trace the whereabouts of her best friend, the heartbroken Sonna muster her courage and decide to embark on a solo adventure to bring her friend home, bidding farewell to her warm home and her beloved grandmother.

Through this unknown journey, faced with threatening weather conditions, a mountain of challenges await her. Will little Sonna brave through these obstacles and bring her friend safely home? What awaits them upon their return?

The Runaway Chopsticks

Date: 1 & 2, 8 & 9 Feb 2020
Time: 11.45 am & 4.45 pm (Mandarin sessions) | 3.15 pm (English sessions)
Venue: PIP's PLAYbox

What does the legend of the monster Nian have to do with the Chinese New Year? Why do some continue using the chopsticks when there are forks? Cheryl, Zeeaura and Sharon from Brocolily gather over a feast of delicous food and remind each other of the significance behind stories and traditions associated with the festivities. Join Brocolily in The Runaway Chopsticks, a musical storytelling session about the true meaning of the Chinese New Year.

Cross Talk Fun

Date: 8 Feb 2020
Time: 3 pm & 4 pm 
Venue: Esplanade Concourse

Enjoy witty and humorous crosstalk performed by students who scored top prizes at the 2019 National Crosstalk Competition for secondary schools.

Tales of Olden Times

Date: 8 & 9 Feb 2020
Time: Sat: 7.30 pm & 8.45 pm | Sun: 6.15 pm & 7.30 pm
Venue: Esplanade Rooftop Terrace

What are the stories related to Chinese New Year that you know of? Enjoy some interesting Chinese New Year folk tales as told by renowned storyteller Chen Zhaojin in his unique style!


Heading down to Huayi 2020? Tell us which of these performances will you be looking forward to! Find out more @ Huayi 2020! 


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