Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 Presents a Line-up of Onsite & Online Festivities

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This Mid-Autumn you can look forward to feasting your eyes on striking lantern displays at the gardens as well as indulging in activities with your kids from home! 

Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2020

Location: Online & Onsite
Date:¬†18 Sep ‚Äď 4 Oct 2020
Hour: Varies
Fee: Free

Gardens by the Bay celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with a mix of onsite and online activities, keeping the tradition of the festival alive and bringing cheer to Singaporeans as we adjust to life in the new normal. 

Coloured Lanterns at the Outdoor Gardens

From 18 Sep to 4 Oct 2020 the Outdoor Gardens at the Gardens by the Bay will be decked out with a series of colorful festive-themed lanterns. 

Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2020

Amongst the colored lantern sets is the Apricot Grove, featuring apricot flowers at various stages of bloom. Inspired by the Chinese fable of Dong Feng, a skilled and generous medical practitioner from the period of the Three Kingdoms, the lantern display is a tribute to all healthcare workers.

Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2020
Apricot Grove | Golden Garden

The Water Song, a set of five framed scenes, is inspired by a famous poem by poet Su Shi wherein he expresses his deep longing for his family as he contemplates the beauty of the moon during Mid-Autumn.

Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2020
Water Song | Near ‚ÄėPlanet‚Äô Sculpture

Another lantern set to keep an eye out for is the Royal Family’s Walk, which was first displayed last year at the Seoul Lantern Festival. ade of Hanji, a Korean traditional paper formed using the bark of the mulberry tree, it shows the royal procession of the king and queen in the early Joseon Dynasty, which is a common affair in the royal palace.

Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2020
Royal Family’s Walk | Supertree Grove [Source: Seoul Tourism Organization via Gardens by the Bay] 

In addition to the lantern displays on-site, which will be lighted up from 7 pm to 10 pm, you can also look forward to behind-the-scenes footage, lantern video previews, and more online! 

Virtual Programmes Featuring Performances and Activities

You can join in the Mid-Autumn festivities from the comfort of your home with a suite of virtual programs! 

Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2020
Source: Dressed by Dreams Photo Studio via Gardens by the Bay

The virtual program line-up includes performances by award-winning flutist and composer, Rit Xu as well as a Chinese dance duet by Li Ruimin and Zheng Long. 

Gardens by the Bay Mid-Autumn Festival 2020

You can also gather your family around and test your wit with a lantern quiz, make your own Chinese pavilion, try your hand at making an origami lotus flower, and even write your own haiku! All these and other virtual programs will be launching on 18 Sep 2020 on the Gardens by the Bay website!

Photo credits Gardens by the Bay



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