Fireworks Location, Real-Time Mobile Column and More With NDP2020 Interactive Map!

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The NDP committee has launched the NDP2020 Interactive Map that allows you to track the fireworks location, real-time update on the mobile column and more! 

Here's how you can find out when your favourite mobile column is arriving near your home, and also have a rough idea of where the fireworks will be happening!

NDP2020 Interactive Map 

The NDP2020 Interactive Map provides real-time updates on the location of the mobile column and also indicate rough locations of the fireworks across the island! Not just that, it also contains other information such as the Red Lions, State Flag Flypast, Anthem Moment, and other fringe activities! 

Post Your Birthday Wishes 

The map also allows you to post your birthday wishes for Singapore based on your location, whether you are in Singapore or abroad. It will show up as a red dot on the map and for people to scroll through all the wishes made!

Access the NDP2020 Interactive Map now! Head here to get an overview of all that is happening for NDP2020!

BYKIDO's Unofficial NDP eBooklet For Families

Don't forget to also head over to BYKIDO's Unofficial NDP eBooklet For Families, specially curated with deals and discounts for families! We sourced across publicly available promotions as well as negotiating with merchants for exclusive ones too! 

All on a single page, so that families can easily discover your next Family Fun this August! 



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