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Fireworks Location, Real-Time Mobile Column and More With NDP2020 Interactive Map!

The NDP committee has launched the NDP2020 Interactive Map that allows you to track the fireworks location, real-time update on the mobile column and more!  Here's how you can find out when your favourite mobile column is arriving near your home, and also have a rough idea of where the fireworks will be happening! NDP2020 Interactive Map  The NDP2020 Interactive Map provides real-time updates on the location of the mobile column and also indicate rough locations of the fireworks across the island! Not just that, it also contains other information such as the Red Lions, State Flag Flypast, Anthem Moment, and other fringe activities!  Post Your Birthday Wishes  The map also allows you to post your birthday wishes for Singapore based...

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NDP 2020: 10 Heartland Locations To Catch The Fireworks!

NDP 2020 will see celebrations brought closer to the people with various activities happening in the Heartlands, including 10 heartland locations setting off Fireworks! NDP 2020 will see many first - the first time there is no Live audience, the first time the Red Lions are landing in the Heartlands, and the first time there will be 10 official locations island-wide setting off fireworks for the celebration! You will also get to see the mobile column rolling through the streets across 5 different routes too! Take a look at the NDP2020 Interactive Map to get "Live" updates on the mobile column, fireworks and more!  Fireworks Locations We received the image above stating the various locations for the NDP fireworks, but...

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NDP 2020: Focus On Celebrating At Home | What's Happening Before The Parade!

NDP2020 will be brought into every Singapore home. Many familiar favourites will move across Singapore throughout the heartlands as well as brought online. There will also be activities you can take part before 9th Aug 2020!  NDP2020 will focus on bringing NDP to our homes. You may not realise but this represents both an in-person and online experience for many of us! Many of our favourite acts will be brought into the heartlands - think Red Lions and the Mobile Column, while others can be experienced through live broadcast over TV and online channels!  The NDP2020 committee promises a digitalised and immersive experience! The family will be able to take part in a series of home engagement activities throughout 9th...

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NDP 2020: Live Streams, Heartland Celebrations, Funpacks and More!

National Day Parade 2020 will carry on with scaled-down segments, smaller celebrations at heartlands and live streams Credits: National Day Parade 2020 Yes, National Day Parade 2020 will still go on, albeit with some changes so that Singaporeans can still take part in their homes and from the heartland. Both online and offline, the NDP2020 committee promises a digitalised and immersive experience, starting with activities you can do from home before 9th August 2020!   On 9th Aug, you may also use the NDP2020 Interactive Map to get "Live" update of the mobile column, fireworks and more! Pre-Event Activities This year's NDP will feature the inaugural Virtual Choir! Record yourselves singing to "We are Singapore" and submit it through the NDP website and...

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