Families for Life Shares The Care this National Day | Raising Funds in support of President's Challenge 2020

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This National Day, Families for Life (FFL) is bringing forth a special call-out to families to Share The Care (#FFLShareTheCare). Held from 15 July to 15 August, FFL will be raising funds in support of the President’s Challenge 2020 to help the vulnerable in the community.

FFL Share The Care

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With this year’s President’s Challenge’s focus on supporting and empowering persons with disabilities, President Halimah Yacob hopes that the spirit of giving in Singaporeans will continue to grow through this very meaningful initiative, as we support one another on this journey towards a caring, inclusive and more resilient Singapore.

Members of the public and families will be able to Share The Care in the following ways:

1. Direct Donation on Giving.sg

Make a direct donation to the President‚Äôs Challenge through the FFL Share The Care page¬†on¬†Giving.sg to receive a specially curated e-recipe book, featuring ‚ÄúRed and White‚ÄĚ National Day dessert recipes from President Halimah Yacob, local celebrity Fann Wong, and participating local bakeries, such as Tarte and Divine Artisan (Halal).

Families are encouraged to try out the recipes together (and perhaps even share them with your neighbours and friends) and post their creations on social media with hashtag #FFLShareTheCare.

Proceeds from the sale will go to the President’s Challenge.

2. Purchase Agar-Agar Kit from Phoon Huat/Redman

Each special agar-agar kit costs $10 and is available across all Phoon Huat/Redman stores from 20 July. $4 from every purchase will be donated to the President’s Challenge. Each kit contains 5 agar-agar pre-mix packs, as well as a copy of President Halimah Yacob’s National Day recipe.

3.¬†Purchase any ‚ÄúRed and White‚ÄĚ National Day-themed dessert from participating partners¬†

A portion of the proceeds from every purchase will be donated to the President’s Challenge. Some of these participating partners include Delcie’s (Vegan), Metta Cafe (Halal, Vegetarian), and Pare. Desserts can be purchased directly from their websites.

4. Purchase limited edition "Red and White" cookies by MINDS

Baked by MINDS’ special needs bakers, orders can be made through the MINDS website from 15 July.

5. Change Facebook/Instagram profile picture to the special red Share The Care button badge

Families can also show their support by changing their Facebook/Instagram profile picture to the special red Share The Care button badge, as part of FFL’s joint initiative with Post Office Savings Bank (POSB). 

Between 20 July and 31 August,¬†POSB will donate up to SGD 50,000 to the President‚Äôs Challenge for the public's support in sharing and encouraging others to do the same by changing their Facebook/IG profile to the image bearing the ‚ÄúShare the Care #StrongerTogether‚ÄĚ button badge.¬†

For more information about the Share The Care campaign, please visit the FFL website and Facebook page.



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