Embark on a Wildlife Quest to Rediscover Jurong Bird Park with Detective Blue

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Jurong Bird Park’s year-long golden jubilee celebrations continue with new additions just in time for the school holidays! 

Venue: Jurong Bird Park, 2 Jurong Hill Singapore 628925
Date: 6 Mar – 27 Jun 2021
Time: 8.30 am – 6.00 pm (last entry: 5 pm)
Park Admission: $15 - $32 
Game Fee: $10 

Jurong Bird Park invites you to see the park through a new lens with its fist digital GPS game trail – Wildlife Quest with Detective Blue

Available as an add-on option every weekend, on public holidays and during the school holidays from 6 Mar to 27 Jun, the quest begins at Penguin Coast. Access the game on your mobile device and head to iconic exhibits like Flamingo Pool and Wings of Asia to answer quiz questions and complete special tasks. 

Along your journey with Detective Blue, an intrepid blue-throated macaw, you will learn about the amazing adaptations of birds, such as the unique feeding behaviour of flamingos and distinct vocalisation of the critically endangered straw-head bulbul. Once you have completed all the location-based challenges, you can unlock the rest of the rewards including an exclusive keychain and explorer badge.

The first 250 participants who complete Detective Blue’s Quest between 6 and 21 Mar will be invited to an exclusive Hello from the Wild Side session on 27 Mar, to meet more of Detective Blue’s bird friends including Quincy the double yellow-headed amazon and a pair of toco toucans and their caretakers over a ‘live’ video call. Hello from the Wild Side is a fun and interactive virtual programme that promises unique interactions with our animals.

While taking part in the challenges, you can also meet the real-life counterparts of the characters including the Philippine Eagle, Great Pied hornbill and Blue-throated macaw. Observe the curious displays of natural behaviours by Jurong Bird Park’s avian residents as they engage in enrichment activities thoughtfully prepared by the park’s animal care team to keep the birds mentally and physically stimulated.

The Wildlife Quest with Detective Blue is not included in your park admission. You have to add-on $10 for the game pack, which includes the game and an exclusive Wildlife Quest Sun Visor. 

JBP50 Specials

This year, Jurong Bird Park is celebrating 50 Years of Flying High and you can enjoy their golden jubilee celebration with an array of promotions and activities at the park throughout the year. Highlights include a portal that spotlights the park’s significant moments, photopoints and exclusive figurines. 

  • Memories of Jurong Bird Park 

    Located at the Penguin Coast is an egg-shaped portal that will take you on a trip down memory lane when you step in. From 1 Jan to 31 Dec, you can see and listen to significant points of the park’s 50-year history. You can also share your memories of the park with others by submitting them through social media channels with the hashtag #JBP50 and it will be featured in the portal. 

  • Foster A Flamingo

    No, you can’t bring home a flamingo to foster. As part of the park’s 50th Anniversary, you can now foster a flamingo at $50 to pledge your support for WRS’ animal care and conservation efforts. Instead of a flamingo, you will get to bring home a foster certificate, acknowledging your contribution and a voucher to redeem a flamingo key ring. 

    You can also support WRS’ efforts to care for the well-being of our animals as well as their conservation efforts by adopting an animal or adopting/sponsoring a tree or bench at the parks, among others. 

  • Past-Present-Future Photopoints

    Discover the origins of Jurong Bird Park, see how they’ve progressed today and get a glimpse into their future home at Mandai through our photopoints around the park. Available till 31 Dec, not only do the photo-points provide a photographic timeline of the park’s progression through the years but they’re also great for taking stills to keep as a souvenir of your visit. 

  • Precious Moments Exclusive Figurines

    If you love your Precious Moments collectables then you might want to add the limited edition Jurong Bird Park x Precious Moments figurine featuring the park’s keeper and her beloved macaw ($69) to your collection as well. It is only while stocks last as only a limited quantity is available.

Image credits Wildlife Reserves Singapore



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