Da Vinci The Exhibition | Step Into Leonardo Da Vinci’s World Where Science, Nature And Art Converge!

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Travel back in time at Science Centre Singapore’s Da Vinci The Exhibition, and learn more to learn more about history’s most creative genius, and highly celebrated artist and scientist, Leonardo da Vinci.

Location: The Annexe, Hall 2, Science Centre Singapore
Date: 18 Jun 2021 to 2 Jan 2022
Exhibition Only
$18/Adult; $15/Child (Public Holidays & Peak weekend rates, Fri to Sun)
$15/Adult; $13/Child (Peak weekday rates, Mon to Thu)
$12/Adult; $10/Child (Off Peak rates)
Half Day Passes
$19.90/Adult; $17.90/Child (Singapore Citizens / PRs rates)
$23.90/Adult; $21.90/Child (Standard Rates)
All-new Half Day Pass that offers entry to Da Vinci The Exhibition & Science Centre Singapore.

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Recommended Age: Older kids and adults

One of the most robust and comprehensive touring exhibitions on Da Vinci in the world, the Science Centre Singapore now offers a tribute to this 15th century Renaissance master and his relentless pursuit of knowledge across STEM and Art fields (engineering, flight, hydraulics, music, optics, music, and more). 

The 10,000 square-feet exhibition is a visual documentation of Da Vinci’s outstanding designs/discoveries, reconstructed replicas of his renowned paintings, and a repository of his famous studies and early concepts. There are 10 themed zones for guests to discover da Vinci’s incredibly advanced understanding of science, mathematics, nature, and how these relate to each other. 

This wonderfully created exhibition features the largest collection of Da Vinci’s inventions for the first time in Southeast Asia, such as the pulley system, the bicycle, ball bearings that we adopt for inline skates, architecture for building, cannons and many more. 

And that's not all! This exhibition also provides a hands-on exploration of da Vinci’s life, research and art. The paintings are set up in gallery style, allowing for visitors to stand and admire da Vinci's paintings. The Last Supper painting stretched across half the wall and visitors will definitely be in awe looking at it. There are also a couple of photo ops sections (namely, The Mona Lisa and The Vetruvian Man), for visitors to take fun pictures.

Kids can also go to the activity areas to try their hands to Build a Safety Bridge, Build a Parachute, Build an Ornithopter and Colour a Mona Lisa Portrait. At the beginning of the exhibition, kids will be given an activity card to collect stamps around the exhibition. Once completed, they can guess what the painting is. The friendly and helpful exhibition guides will also be there to explain the different displays to visitors.

In essence, Da Vinci The Exhibition offers a very interesting experience for kids and adults alike, and is simply a must-visit!


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