BYKidO Visits: The Children's Season Police Heritage Centre Tour

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Location: Police Heritage Centre - New Phoenix Park
Date: By Appointment Only
Hour: Slots by Appointment
Admission: FREE

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What is it? 

The Police Heritage Centre, located within the Police Headquarters @ New Phoenix Park, is a museum showcasing the history of the Singapore Police Force. 

The tour is usually suited for older kids as it covers the history of the police force and the implications history had on it. However, during the Children's Season in June, a special tour is organised for kids aged between 3 - 9 years old! 

BYKidO had the privilege to arrange a tour with 10 other families for the Children's Season 2018. 

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To Dos

The tour is kept relatively simple with a simple craft activity, photo taking opportunity in kids sized police uniform, and a tour around the Heritage Centre.

The tour is specially catered to the age group with hands on opportunity and a guide great at asking the little ones questions too! 

The children even got to go home with a gift after the tour!

*There will be a crime prevention talk by the Policemen on weekdays too! 

Things to Note

  • The Tour is by Appointment only. Check the Police Heritage Centre website for the latest information. 
  • Strictly no walk-ins allowed. As the area is a restricted area, registered participants must pre-fill in a form to provide identification. 
  • On event day, please bring a photo identification. Children above 7 will need to bring their EZ link cards while those below 7 do not require identification
  • The tour is about 1.5hrs long, do note that registration may take some time due to the exchange of identification for a visitor pass. 

Our Recommendations

  •  As parking is not allowed within the compound, you may consider parking at the nearby shopping malls (Square 2 or Velocity), or the hospitals nearby (Ren Ci, Mount Elizabeth Novena)
  • Registration slots are taken up really quickly. For future Children's Seasons, do stay tune to BYKidO to be updated or check on the Singapore Heritage Centre website towards the end of May. 


In conclusion, it was an informative and unique experience. Do not expect it to be like a major attraction but definitely an interesting experience for the kids. 



This article is prepared by

Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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  • Jr

    Hi Damien,

    Jr here from BYKidO.

    Yes, indeed the waiting time was a shame and it took much longer then expected. Much of it was due to the registration process.

    We will take some fault of the timing too as we asked parents to arrive earlier so that we could manage the attendance, do the registration and prepare for the tour. What we did not expect was for registration to start only when the liaison person arrived.

    Hopefully our experience will help other parents planning a trip next time and also for our future trips.


  • Damien

    Joined this tour but thought i share some feedbacks so future tours can be made better and folks planning to join knows what to expect.

    Waiting time. We were told registration starts 10.45 and late comers will be turned away. We arrived 10.30 but people really starts coming in after 10.45. Do note that the registration was only done when the person in charge from the police arrive. We entered the main building at about 11.40. I would have hope the organiser for future event take into consideration that young children of those age group have relative short attention span so long waits are not going to help.

    The actual tour was alright and interesting but we wished we had a more time to go through the displays rather than to have rush.

    Pros – tour size was ideal. Children gets sufficient time and space to participate.

    Cons – bring more drinking water. Waiting time in the outdoors can be long if you are those that follow the instructions and arrive early or on time.

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