ArtScience In Focus: MeshMinds 2.0 #ArtxTechforGood

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Location: ArtScience Museum
8 Mar – 17 Mar 2019
Hour: 10 am – 7 pm
FREE (spaces subject to availability)

ArtScience In Focus: MeshMinds 2.0 #ArtxTechforGood

What is happening?

Forget about taking a nostalgic walk down the past, MeshMinds Studio takes you on a flight to the future through an immersive multi-sensory experience. MeshMinds sheds light on environmental issues like pollution through an interesting lens. 

Here are some of the interesting installations out of numerous to check out.

1. Animaker Asia by Andre Wee and OMAi

ArtScience In Focus: MeshMinds 2.0 #ArtxTechforGood

Animaker Asia allows you to build your favorite animals with Duplo bricks which you can then scan to see them come to life.

2. OceanScrub by Jason Loo & Cherlyn Mark

ArtScience In Focus: MeshMinds 2.0 #ArtxTechforGood

OceanScrub is a mobile game wherein your mission is to guide sea creatures to safety, preventing them from consuming the plastics in the polluted water. The virtual game creates awareness about the impacts of pollution on our marine life and aims to motivate people to do their part in reducing pollution in reality.

3. Replay by Cheng Yu Hung

ArtScience In Focus: MeshMinds 2.0 #ArtxTechforGood

With a little bit of tinkering, a bunch of everyday objects and some imagination, there is so much you could create. Replay, a musical instrument to be played like a game, created with upcycled materials, is a great example of that.

4. Amusement Park 2100 by Alex Pan

ArtScience In Focus: MeshMinds 2.0 #ArtxTechforGood

Amusement Park 2100 drops you into a possible future wherein the environment has been wrecked by climate change. This Virtual Reality experience hopes to make us realize the negative impacts our energy consumption has on this planet.

5. Discover Our Oceans by Warrior9 VR

ArtScience In Focus: MeshMinds 2.0 #ArtxTechforGood

Comprising different zones such as A Journey Through Our Oceans, Oceans We Make, Oceans We Save and Our Ocean Life, Discover Our Oceans, brings you on an immersive journey through the tragic reality of plastic pollution on our marine life.

When is it happening?

8 Mar to 17 Mar 2019, from 10 am to 7 pm

Where is it happening?

ArtScience Museum, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

How much is it?


For more information, click here.

Photo credits The MeshMinds Foundation




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