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ACT3i Festival for Children 2019 Presents: Immersive And Sensorial Theatre Shows For The Young (And Old) To Enjoy!

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ACT3i Festival 2019

Photo credit: ACT 3 International

Location: Asian Civilisations Museum
Date: 1 to 9 June 2019
Admission: Admission fees apply
Age Range: 4 months to 8 years old

Back by popular demand, Singapore's leading Arts company for the young, ACT 3 International is proud to announce the return of the third instalment of ACT3i Festival for Children this June school holiday. This year’s festival line-up will feature five original theatre productions (from South Africa, England, and Argentina), as well as a performance workshop that have been specially curated for children from age four months to eight years old.

For more information and regular updates, visit http://act3international.com.sg/act3ifestivalforchildren-2019/

1. Theatre Performances

  • Babah (South Africa)

Date: 5 to 9 Jun 2019
Hour: 10am, 11am & 4.30pm (Duration: 30 minutes)
Age Range: 4 to 12 months old (Adult-Accompanied)
Admission: SGD30.00 (1 child & 1 adult) | SGD10.00 (Single Adult)


Photo credit: ACT 3 International

A captivating performance that will bring the sights, sounds and smells of Africa to life, and stimulate the imagination of the little ones according to their own developmental milestones.

Excerpt: http://act3international.com.sg/act3ifestival-2019-babah/

  • Ready Steady Colour (England)

Date: 1 to 4 Jun 2019
Hour: Sat & Sun: 10am, 11.30am, 3pm & 4.30pm | Mon & Tue: 9.30am, 10.45am & 12pm (Duration: 30 minutes)
Age Range: 2 years old and above
Admission: SGD15.00


Photo credit: ACT 3 International

Simply order your ‘plate of black and white food’ at this pop-up restaurant and get colouring! And that’s not all. Restaurant patrons can also look forward some great entertainment (such as, comedy acts, music performances and storytelling) while decorating their “food”.

Excerpt: http://act3international.com.sg/act3ifestival-2019-color/

  • What goes up…(England)

Date: 1 to 4 Jun 2019
Hour: Sat & Sun: 10am & 4pm | Mon & Tue: 9.30am & 11am (Duration: 50 minutes)
Age Range: 3 to 8 years old
Admission: SGD28.00

What Goes Up...

Photo credit: ACT 3 International

Catch world-class, multi-hyphenate entertainer, Dan the Hat, in action and get ready to be wowed away by his huge array of circus skills, i.e., hat manipulation, juggling, ball-spinning and Yo-Yo.

  • Funny Puppetry (Argentina)

Date: 5 to 9 Jun 2019
Hour: Wed, Sat & Sun: 10am & 4pm | Thu & Fri: 9.30am & 11am (Duration: 50 minutes)
Age Range: 3 to 8 years old
Admission: SGD28.00

Funny Puppetry

Photo credit: ACT 3 International

Enjoy a magical performance of small stories that will include the use of original body puppets, shadow puppets, dance, music and simple characters made from colourful fabrics, cardboard and feathers.

Excerpt: http://act3international.com.sg/ifestival-marmalade/

  • Ready Steady Lift Off! (England)

Date: 5 to 9 Jun 2019
Hour: 10.30am, 2.30pm & 4.30pm (Duration: 50 minutes)
Age Range: 3 to 8 years old
Admission: SGD28.00


Photo credit: ACT 3 International

Here’s one for all the young aspiring astronauts out there!

Come be part of Ready Steady LiftOff, a colourful and interactive theatre show (involving the combination of live performance, music, storytelling and painting), where you can create and decorate your own rocket, and experience orbiting around space! Meet strange creatures and overcome some cosmic catastrophes before finally flying your rocket home!Excerpt: http://act3international.com.sg/act3ifestival-2019-liftoff/ 

2. Performance Workshop

  • AESOPICA (Singapore)

Date: 1 to 9 Jun 2019
Hour: Sat to Sun: 10am & 3pm (Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes)
Age Range: 4 to 8 years old
Admission: SGD45.00


Photo credit: ACT 3 International

Watch a fascinating performance of Greek storyteller Aesop’s most famous fables, and partake in two special 30-minute workshops:

  1. Learning Drama, Music and Movement, and
  2. Learning to combine those skills together
The programme ends with a grand finale - a lively procession together with Aesop’s animals around the Asian Civilisations Museum, and a final performance at the front porch.

Excerpt: http://act3international.com.sg/act3ifestival-2019-aesop/

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