6 Fun and Easy Diwali Activities for Kids

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Deepavali (or also known as “Diwali”) is the Indian festival of lights where people would clean their houses, brighten up the house with charming lights and set-up colourful garlands on doors.  Kids should also have fun and take part for the festival celebration which we are going to share fun and easy Diwali activities cater to their age group!

1. Rangoli Colouring

One of the most important elements for Diwali is definitely the Rangoli drawings. Your littles may not be able to help out on that, but he can spend some time to colour the Rangoli printing from Activity Village

2. Story telling

In the days leading up to the festival, you might be busy all day, and only get time to read to your child at bedtime. The most popularly known story of Diwali is The Return of Lord Rama. Read these stories and bundle it up with interesting activities with kids and you can also offer them a chance to narrate it for you.

3. 3D Paper Diyas

Other than Rangoli, a 3D paper diya can be another craft for your children to explore! Fret not if you need a guidance as the video below is easy to follow with materials such as colour paper and string. Make a few in different colours and hang it around the house. Your kids will definitely be delighted as they get to showcase what they have too!

4. Paper Cup Lanterns

Do you have serial lights lying in the house being unused? How about attaching them to paper cup and giving it a new look? Paper cup lanterns enhance the look of serial lights and will look absolutely great to ring in the festive fervour! Let’s begin!

5. Handmade Card

While most of us are stuck at home this year, nothing can stop us from sending a warm greeting to our friends and family. Create and customize a handmade card from your card and send it to your dearest ones! This is one of the great ways to keep your little ones occupied and get them to help you out.

6. Kitchen Helper

Most parents will be busy in the kitchen preparing special meals for Diwali. No time better than now to introduce your kids to the traditional cuisine especially if your kid is fond of cooking. Teach your child some special Diwali-special meals like kheer, sheera, gujiya, mathri and more.. Diwali is, after all, a grand reason for cooking all kinds of delicacies one’s culture is famous for, whichever part of world it may be.


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