Wall's Introduces The New $3 Viennetta Sticks: Japanese White Peach & Classic Vanilla Flavours

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The iconic Viennetta ice-cream dessert is back with Wall's introducing the new Viennetta Sticks with 2 new Japan-inspired flavours!


One of my favourite childhood dessert is the Viennetta ice cream from Wall's with the crispy chocolate layer between the layers of creamy ice cream. Wall's has reinvented the iconic ice cream, launching the Viennetta Sticks, which is the Viennetta on sticks, this month!

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Japanese White Peach & Classic Vanilla Flavours

The Viennetta Sticks will be available in 2 unique Japan-inspired flavours made from 100% Japanese milk! 

The more interesting of the 2 flavours is the new White Peach flavour. Inspired by the popular Japanese White Peach, this pinkish ice cream is made from 100% Japanese milk with chocolate sauce layers between the iconic folds of the ice cream. 

We also have the safe choice of the Classic Vanilla. This "cannot-go-wrong" flavour is also made from 100% Japanese milk with chocolate flavour layers between the folds of ice cream. 

Where To Get The Viennetta Sticks

From April 2022, families can get the Wall's Viennetta Sticks as single impule sticks at all 7-Eleven stores islandwide. Each stick will be retailing at $3 each. 

For better value (and to feed the entire family), you can get the multipack of 6 sticks from all major supermarkets, hypermarkets, and various e-commerce platforms from May 2022 at $16.90 (or about $2.80 per stick).


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