Bite Into Awesome With All-New Coolhaus Ice Cream ‚ÄėSammies‚Äô Flavours

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Now available in four new flavours, Coolhaus Sammies create the perfect harmony between creamy and crunchy.

This summer, add a moment of awesome to your day by biting into the new range of delicious animal-free dairy ice cream sandwiched in soft baked cookies as Californian cult ice cream brand Coolhaus expands its signature ‚ÄėSammies‚Äô line in Singapore.

Available in 4 New Flavours

Now available in four new flavours, Coolhaus Sammies create the perfect harmony between creamy and crunchy, sandwiching a generous scoop of Coolhaus’ animal-free ice cream between two indulgent cookies, combining two delightful treats to create a deliciously new taste sensation.

  • Mocha Fudge¬†‚Äď Get your daily dose of coffee and chocolate¬†with this creamy, rich¬†ice¬†cream¬†sandwiched with chewy chocolate cookies¬†for a buzz like none other.
  • Mint Chocolate¬†‚Äď Chocolate and mint? Yes, please. This rich yet refreshing pairing gives you an¬†all-around¬†awesome¬†ice¬†cream¬†indulgence with a generous filling of mint-flavoured¬†ice¬†cream¬†between two chocolate cookies.
  • Double Chocolate¬†‚Äď Double the chocolate, double the¬†awesome! There is no such thing as too much chocolate. This Sammie loads¬†Coolhaus‚Äô popular chocolate-flavoured¬†ice¬†cream¬†between two equally delicious chocolate cookies.
  • Hojicha ‚Äď Transport yourself to the streets of Kyoto as you relish the roasted green tea flavour of the aromatic Coolhaus Hojicha ice cream sandwiched between two deliciously chewy chocolate chip cookies.

Planet Friendly Cookies

Handcrafted with the same care as the ice cream, the soft-baked cookies are also entirely animal-free and vegan-friendly, making them the perfect match for Coolhaus’ line of planet-friendly ice cream flavours.  

Available Now

Get your hands on these mind-blowingly awesome new Sammies flavours in addition to the existing Vanilla and Peanut Butter flavours at Cold Storage, CS Fresh and Red Mart at S$4.95 each. Coolhaus Sammies will soon be available at selected Giant and FairPrice supermarkets and FairPrice Online.


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