PAZZION Jewel Cafe Reopens At Jewel Changi Airport!

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The PAZZION Jewel Cafe is reopening, right next to the PAZZION boutique store at Jewel Changi Airport.

Venue: 78 Airport Blvd, #B1-243/244, Singapore 819666

Be it a quick smoothie or a hearty brunch, PAZZION Jewel Cafe is the perfect place to be - with its relaxing ambience and delicious, gram-worthy food!

Scroll down to check out some of must-try food dishes at PAZZION Jewel Cafe:

Drool-Worthy & Instagrammable Food

Burnt Cheesecake ($7)

Indulge in this silky-smooth Burnt Cheesecake — one of PAZZION Cafe's best sellers — that will leave you satiated and ready to go. Taste its airy, souffle-like cream cheese-based batter, freshly baked with a good balance of bitterness and sweetness. An alter ego to the classic New York-style cheesecake.

Coffee Caramel Savoury French Toast ($20.00)

Can’t choose between savoury and sweet? Fret not, this French toast combines the best of both worlds! With a sweet yet salty coffee caramel sauce you are bound to love, enjoy the contrast between bites of sweet tangy berries and savoury bacon.

B.E.L.T Burger ($20.00)

Get this classic bacon burger with a double over easy egg and savoury cheese sauce. PAZZION Cafe only uses Cage-free Organic Eggs, so ease your mind and dive in!

Super Quinoa Bowl ($18.00)

There’s nothing quite like a hearty, healthy bowl of quinoa to start your day! With smoked salmon, roasted butternut pumpkin, avocado, kale and sesame dressing, get your fibre in with this all-in-one bowl.

Mixed Berries Smoothie ($8.50)

Photo Credits: PAZZION

In a rush but feeling peckish? Grab this pretty pink smoothie for a healthy little pick-me-up. Sip on its delectable fresh goodness as you runthrough your travel itinerary and travel documents. For the well-prepared folks, take a sip and relax, while enjoying Jewel’s beautiful scenery.

Tea Time Promotion

PAZZION Cafe is currently having a Tea Time promotion. Top up $3.50 for the beverage of your choice with any purchase of cakes/pastries at its regular prices ($5-$7.50).


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