Meet & Greet with MAMEE Monster at Wong Fu Fu This June School Holidays

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Discover a limited-time menu featuring delectable Korean-inspired dishes created from the delicious range of sauces and seasoning from DAEBAK and MAMEE CHEF.

Venue: 776 North Bridge Road, S198774
Dates: Till Aug 2024

Visit Wong Fu Fu from now till Aug 2024 to indulge in an array of tantalizing flavours specially created by Chef Faizul, Executive Chef from MAMEE Food Service Malaysia.

Drawing inspiration from Korean cuisine, Chef Faizul curated a menu that promises to delight the taste¬†buds of food enthusiasts. Embark on a Korean-inspired ‚ÄúTaste of Korea‚ÄĚ culinary journey with the selection of limited-time collaboration dishes

You will even get to meet with the iconic MAMEE Monster too! 

MAMEE CHEF Flavoured Bancha

Experience the refreshing crunch of Kongnamul Muchim (Chilled Marinated Beansprouts) infused with DAEBAK Gochujang Sauce and MAMEE Chef Lime Powder. 

Savour the tangy goodness of Oi Muchim (Chilled Marinated Pickled Cucumber), bursting with flavour with seasoning like DAEBAK Bulgogi Sauce and MAMEE Chef Lime Powder.

With the Assorted Potato Salad, you will get to indulge in a medley of potatoes, perfectly seasoned and mixed to perfection with MAMEE Chef Mashed Potato and DAEBAK Tteokbokki Sauce.

These Bancha are complimentary on the Buffet Bar. 

Other Mains

Dive into a hotpot brimming with succulent seafood and
assorted vegetables, infused with a spicy Korean kick from DAEBAK Jjampong Seafood Ramyeon with the Korean Spicy Seafood Oden Mini Hotpot. 

Delight in the sizzle of the signature Sizzling Cheese Bokkuembap hotplate. Kimchi fried rice paired with crunchy golden fried chicken marinated and coated with DAEBAK Battermix. Served with special house-made mozzarella cheesy rose sauce made from DAEBAK Bibimbap Sauce and MAMEE Chef Perasa Sedap Giler.

With the¬†XL Taiwan Burger ‚Äď K-Spiced Chicken, be ready to snk your teeth into a generously sized steamed XL Lotus leaf¬†bun paired with tender pan-grilled chicken, well-seasoned and marinated with DAEBAK Gochujang Sauce, DAEBAK teokbokki Sauce, MAMEE Chef Chili & Spices Seasoning, and MAMEE Chef Lime¬†Powder.

And also the¬†XL Taiwan Burger ‚Äď Rose Chicken, a fusion of Taiwanese and Korean flavours.¬†Savour steamed XL Lotus leaf bun filled with crispy Korean fried chicken, marinated and coated with¬†DAEBAK Battermix. Drizzled generously with our house-made rose sauce, made with DAEBAK¬†teokbokki Sauce, MAMEE Chef Wild Mushroom Soup, MAMEE Chef Chili & Spices Seasoning,¬†and MAMEE Chef Lime Powder.

Kids Meal

For kids, be delighted by the MAMEE Monster Kid’s Meal, specially crafted to satisfy young palates and ignite their imagination. Enjoy Mister Potato Coated Fried Chicken on a bed of Taiwan-egg fried rice, honey-soy garlic mayo dip, and soft carrot & mashed potato salad. Complete the Kids' meal with the classic MAMEE Monster Snack, and don't forget the FREE MAMEE Monster plush keychain that comes with every kids' meal!

MAMEE Monster Meet & Greet

For the first time in Singapore, families will also get to meet with the blue MAMEE Monster! Happening on 26 May, 2, 9, 16 and 23 June at 3 pm and 6 pm. Each session is for 20 mins. 

Cute MAMEE Merchandise

Bring home that cute MAMEE Monster plush to complete the memory of your MAMEE collaboration dining experience at Wong Fu Fu.


So head down to Wong Fu Fu to grab the Taste of Korea, and to meet with MAMEE Monster for the first time in Singapore! 




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