DoDoLand - Grab Fishballs & Yong Tau Foos At DoDo's Experiential Store

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DoDo opens its first full-fledged experiential store in Singapore! DoDoLand offers a different shopping experience!

Venue: B1-04/05 of Hougang RiverCourt
Opening Hours: 8 am - 9 pm daily

Local Fishball & YTF brand, DoDo, opens its first full-fledged experiential store in Singapore - DoDoLand. Occupying 805 square feet in the newly opened Hougang RiverCourt, DoDoLand houses interactive food stations to offer a differentiated experience from the brand’s typical retail space in supermarkets.

Singlish & Puns

Paying homage to its origin as a homegrown brand, DoDoLand‚Äôs tonality is inspired by Singlish and wordplays. Bright, playful and cheery ‚Äď expect puns and all things fun, starting with the¬†names of the food stations which are endearingly derived from the colloquial terms - here, you will find "KIAP" the YTF station, and "Doink Doink" station for fishballs

Don't miss the ABU"DEN" station where you can purchase a customised bowl of oden (instant noodles can be added for a complete meal too)! 

Over at the ‚ÄúDOINK DOINK‚ÄĚ Station, you would see freshly produced fish balls floating in the¬†aquarium. These are not your typical fish balls, but a whopping 25% larger. Exclusively¬†available at DoDoLand.

Opening Activities

On 26 - 28 Aug, play a game of Human Scissors, Paper, Stone to win free Yong Tau Foo! Challenge a¬†DoDoLand‚Äôs representative to the beloved childhood¬†game but with a DoDo twist. Instead of your hands, use your body to represent seafood treats¬†‚Äď chikuwa (scissors), crab stick (paper) and fish ball (stone)! The more rounds you win, the¬†more pieces of free yong tau foo you get.¬†

Until mid-Sep, head over to the "DOINK DOINK" station to guess the number
of fish balls correctly and enjoy an exclusive promotion of $1 for 6 pieces of the exclusive big fish balls.

Think you can sing? Listen to the DoDoLand jingle (in-store or at @dodolandsg),¬†sing a line from the jingle to the station master at the ABU‚ÄúDEN‚Ä̬†Station, upload a video or reel of that and tag @dodolandsg to enjoy a slurp-worthy bowl of¬†oden for free.

Location & Opening Hours

Located at B1-04/05 of Hougang RiverCourt, DoDoLand is open daily from 8am to 9pm. Time to go KIAP some YTFs for dinner!


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