Alice Boulangerie Presents A New Collection Of Entremets And Christmas Treats!

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Well-known and loved for its exquisite and eye-catching bi-coloured viennoiseries, homegrown Alice Boulangerie presents a medley of whimsical and inventive creations.

Alice Boulangerie is pleased to present an alluring new¬†collection of fine pastries crafted with quality ingredients ‚Äď with the spotlight on four novel 3D¬†avant-garde entremets that will be available in-store from mid-October 2022.

In addition, a whimsical Christmas log cake befitting the upcoming year-end celebrations will be launched in early November.

A Showcase of Creativity and Culinary Finesse

Conjured by the stellar pastry team at Alice Boulangerie, the 3D avant-garde entremets are a showcase of creativity and culinary finesse. There is a promise of something for every palate, whim, and even fancy, - here's what you can expect.

Meticulously-crafted, Acorn ($13) comprises a chocolate acorn¬†shell made with 70% dark chocolate that reveals layers of chocolate¬†mousse, yuzu cr√©meux, almond dacquoise, almond walnut praline¬†with salted caramel mousse within ‚Äď a truly rich yet refreshing¬†combination.

A whimsical creation, the blushing-in-red Mushroom ($9) is fashioned out of a classic choux puff piped with smooth gula melaka Chantilly cream and coconut pastry cream complemented with gula melaka caramel.

A dark beauty, Cocoa Ananas‚Äô ($10) bittersweet and rich¬†chocolate notes from a combination of Manjari (64% chocolate)¬†chocolate mousse, flourless chocolate sponge, salted crumble¬†base, and pecan brownie is juxtaposed against an uplifting¬†pineapple compote ‚Äď white chocolate shards, which resemble¬†pineapple rings, are artfully fanned out around the entremet for¬†dramatic effect.

Award-winning Summer Cheese ($10) is a unique and harmonious blend of calamansi crémeux with lime jelly and pistachio dacquoise, sheathed beneath a beautiful layer of lime cream cheese, and mascarpone mousse that complements rather than overpowers.

A new addition to the popular range of bi-coloured viennoiserie is Mixed berries and Coconut ($7) brimming with coconut pastry cream, mixed berry compote, and fresh berries. Glazed with white chocolate, the pastry is finished with house-made marshmallows and red velvet crumble.

Christmas Specials

Alice’s Christmas Log Cake ($85) is a beautifully-constructed moist chocolate flourless sponge layered with chocolate mud biscuit, an exotic fruit crémeux, caramelised banana, and hazelnut praline crunch, then topped with an adorable 3D squirrel made from orange dark chocolate mousse.

The hefty US Angus Roast Beef ($180 for 1kg) is first pan-seared to seal in the meat juices,¬†then slow-roasted till tender with rosemary and thyme. The succulent beef is impeccably paired with a robust red wine mushroom sauce. Diners can choose their preferred doneness¬†‚Äď medium rare, medium, and medium well.

Kurobuta (Bone-in) Roast Pork ($180 for 1.5kg) is a noteworthy alternative with its irresistible crisp crackling matched with flavourful and juicy meat. Brined overnight and marinated with mixed herbs, the pork belly is slow-roasted to perfection. A homemade wholegrain mustard cream sauce with a touch of acidity from lemon juice is well matched with the savouriness of the crunchy crackling.

A stunning side dish to enjoy with hot food is Roasted Season Vegetables & Potato Gratin¬†(1.2kg) ‚Äď this is available for takeaway at $39.


Alice Boulangerie’s new collection will be available from 13 October in-store, with limited quantities daily. Pre-orders are recommended through their website at

For orders and enquiries on the Christmas items, please call +65 6994 1196 or order at


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