Discover New Technology and More at Smart Nation PlayScape at Science Centre Singapore

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The Smart Nation PlayScape exhibition seeks to demystify technology and to showcase the technologies that play a critical role in shaping the way we live, work, and play.

Venue: Science Centre Singapore, Hall F
Admission: Complimentary with Science Centre Singapore Admission

Jointly developed by the Smart Nation and Digital Government Group (SNDGG) and Science Centre Singapore, the Smart Nation PlayScape exhibition seeks to demystify technology and inspire Singaporeans to be curious about future technologies through a series of fun and immersive interactives.

Collect Digital Stamps

The exhibition also provides an opt-in personalised experience, whereby one could collect digital stamps and snapshots of his/her own PlayScape journey through the various exhibits and get a soft copy of the digital ‘PlayScape Passport’ via email.

Using facial recognition, kids can scan their face and use it to log-in at each station to get the personalised experience. 

8 Zones with Interactive and Gamified Exhibits

The exhibition consists of eight technology zones. Through a series of gamified exhibits and multimedia elements, each zone gives an in-depth yet easy to understand explanation on how the technology came about, how it works, and its importance to Singapore today.

Here's a look at what you can expect when visiting!


Geospatial technology helps us better understand where things are in relation to one another, and how it can help us plan and build thriving communities.

Add blocks representing different elements such as schools, houses, parks to the city, and observe how the quality-of-life changes!

Make a Face!

Do you appear ‘happier’ than your friends? Through biometric technology, computers can analyse your face and determine who makes the best expression!

Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot

Take a look at the steps that this robot takes to solve the Rubik’s cube that you messed up!

This Rubik’s Cube robotic solver is built by engineers from GovTech and uses a mixture of technologies like machine learning, computer vision, sensors, 3D printing, and robotics to solve the cube.

The User Experience Zone

Play mini-games to find out how apps are built to be more user-friendly and inclusive for people to use, including colour-blindness. 

The Cabinet of Curiosity

A display of seemingly random daily items that actually relate to the various technologies and plays a part in building up our Smart Nation. See how the items related to the key parts of our lives, from how we travel to how we shop, play and stay healthy!

Venue and Opening Hours

Smart Nation PlayScape is located at Hall F at the Science Centre Singapore and is available during the opening hours of the Science Centre Singapore. 

Admission is complimentary with Science Centre Singapore admisison. 



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