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SG Basketball is a basketball training centre focused on the development of youth basketball in Singapore.

We believe in Fun, Intense and Progressive Training when it comes to the game of basketball, or any sport for that matter.

Our philosophy is that children should be taught in a positive manner, with encouragement to help them do their best in whatever they do.

We are focused on each individual child's development not only as an athlete and a basketball player, but also as a person on the whole. With the right core values and correct work ethic instilled, every child can become successful in whatever they endeavour.

At SG Basketball Academy, we train with a difference.

Our coaching staff participate actively in training and give their best to make each training session intense yet fun for the kids, giving them a challenge to look forward to every training!

We love basketball with a passion and look forward to sharing this with the kids.

Who should join SG Basketball Academy?

  • Those just starting out in basketball (Beginner)
  • Those who want to develop solid basketball fundamental (Basic)
  • Those who have little or no opportunity to train in school (No time, no basketball activity in school, not selected for school team)
  • Those who believe they can become better / great / elite and are ready to work hard for it (Advance)
  • Those who want to train their game and fitness level after entering the workforce (Adult)

What makes SG Basketball Unique

  • We believe strongly in the concept of positive coaching, that motivated players learn best and that mistakes are okay
  • We have an open mind about basketball training and consistently improve our training programme
  • We invest in our coaches, giving them the best education and equipment so that they can provide our trainees with their best at every session

Hear what some parents have to say about our programme so far:

  • Really nice coaches, which makes learning fun and easy for the kids!¬†~ Christopher SJ Ong
  • I am really grateful to the team of coaches and helpers for starting SGBasketball and their professionalism and enthusiasm to realising every training session and training every student (regardless of age and experience) with so much patience. Crudos to ALL and keep the BasketBall passion going!¬†~ Karen Tay
  • My son Cheng Jun has been here for more than 2 terms by now. He really like the coaches here and enjoy every training session. It Is really good to see him get so much fun on sports than hooking on his computer during weekends.¬†~ Gladys Ng
  • Fun program. Looks like the twins (7) had a ball of a time. Very nice training regimen that is write appropriate for the age groups. Coaches are friendly and welcoming and great with kids.¬†~ Daniel Tan Hsien Shih
  • Nice and patient coaches. Treats every young men equal. And makes sure everyone does it right. Thumbs up!!!!! ....... Andre Wong¬†~ Derrick Wong
  • We do really appreciate the training by the coaches. They do train and take care of every kid. My son is happy there !¬†~ Thuy Thuy
  • I am happy to see my son learning basketball, he has become more active and stronger. Hope he can play some good matches in the future. I like this facility, thank you very much !¬†~ Long Nguyen-Vinh¬†


For more details on SG Basketball, email them at or visit their website here. 



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