Trifecta - An Exciting Adventure Sports Facility to Surf, Skate, Snowboard and Ski in Singapore (Opens Oct 2023)

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Trifecta is a 49,611 sq ft integrated board sports facility located at Somerset, Singapore for Surfing, Skating, Snowboarding and Ski-ing!

*Updated 27 Aug 2023

Venue: 10A Exeter Road, #01-01, Singapore 239958
Opening Hours: 7 am - 12 am daily
Admission: Free for spectators, starts from $40 for participants

Located at the site between Somerset Skatepark and Killiney Road, Trifecta by The Ride Side is a new integrated board sports facility where families will be able to skate, surf, ski and snowboard in Singapore!

The facility will open on 28 Oct 2023, and will feature the world’s first hybrid skate bowl designed for skateboarding and surfskating, with facilities for both beginners and seasoned pros to learn and train for surfing and winter sports! 

The Ride Side is a sporting good distribution company. 

Skate, Surf , Ski And Snowboard 

Trifecta will allow visitors to skate, surf, ski and snowboard at various arenas inspired by the skate bowls of California, the waves in Bali, and the powdery snow in Japan. The slopes in the snow arena will be powered by the first virtual reality (VR) ski simulator in Asia, first VR ski simulator in Asia, with in-class speed simulation and directional movements to mimic uneven terrain.

But do note that,¬†Trifecta will not have snow¬†‚Äď instead, they¬†will be using an environmentally sustainable approach by using a special surface material that mimics the feel of snow when you ski or skateboard on it.

For surfing in wave pools, technology will be incorporated to generate water columns of 1.5m. For fans of skating, you will be please to know that the skate arena will have the world’s first hybrid skate bowl designed for skateboarding AND surfskating, and will be the first surfskate circuit in Singapore.

Surf Arena

Admission: $80 (Off-Peak) / $100 (Peak) for Open Session (Refer below for more pricing details)

Get ready to catch some gnarly waves in Asia’s largest Citywave surf pool. Using cutting-edge deep-water pump technology, feel the rush of epic waves reaching heights of up to 1.5 meters. Say goodbye to flat days and get stoked for real surfing with real surfboards. No matter your skill level, the waves can be customised just for you.

Snow Arena

Admission: $40 (Off-Peak) / $60 (Peak) for Open Session (Refer below for more pricing details)

Imagine carving through the Swiss Alps one moment, then seamlessly transitioning to the steeps in the Rockies‚ÄĒ¬†the Ski Simulator does it all by transporting you to any ski resort in the world. The possibilities are endless, and the thrills are boundless. Master your skills during the off-season and conquer the mountains abroad with confidence. There will even be the region's first dry slope Freestyle Park complete with airbag jumps and jibs for all fellow adrenaline junkies.

Skate Arena

Admission: Free (Refer below for more pricing details)

Experience the best of both worlds as a surfskater or skateboarder in the large, smooth skating bowl. Meticulously sculpted by a celebrated skate park designer, known for Bali's iconic skate bowls, to cater for maximum shreddage in the pit. Cruise through the pump course on your surfskates or kick things up a notch in the pool on your skateboards. 

F&B Options

Experience the perfect blend of good vibes and good times in town with the sickest F&B offerings at Butter, an exclusive kitchen collaboration with Two Men Bagel House. Fuel up with real food, real drinks and no BS. 

Compulsory Intro Session

Trifecta requires all participants at the Snow and Surf arena to attend a compulsory intro session regardless of skill level. Through this class, you will get properly introduced to the equipment and learn how to ride & safely navigate the arenas.

Min. Ages

The minimum age is 6 years old and up to join the sessions accompanied by parents/ legal guardians, but children will need to be 15 years old and above in order to create an account, make purchases and attend sessions on their own. All those under 18 years old will require a parent/ legal guardian to sign a waiver form.


Sessions can be purchased as a class or as a open session. There there will be off-peak and peak rates, and you may purchase credits packs or season passes to save more too! 

Only participants need to pay the admission fees, spectators may enter for free!

The off-peak timings are weekdays from 10 am to 5 pm, Sundays after 7 pm, and they do not apply for Public Holidays. 


  • Classes: $120 or 6 Credits (Standard) / $100 or 5 Credits (Off-Peak)
  • Open Sessions: $100 or 5 Credits (Standard) / $80 or 4 Credits (Off-Peak)


  • Classes: $100 or¬†5 Credits (Standard) / $80 or¬†4 Credits (Off-Peak)
  • Open Sessions: $60 or 3¬†Credits (Standard) / $40 or¬†2 Credits (Off-Peak)

FreeStyle (Snow)

  • Classes: $100 or¬†5¬†Credits (Standard) / $80¬†or¬†4¬†Credits (Off-Peak)
  • Open Sessions: $60 or 3¬†Credits (Standard) / $40 or¬†2¬†Credits (Off-Peak)


  • Classes: $60 or 3¬†Credits (Standard) / $40 or¬†2¬†Credits (Off-Peak)
  • Open Sessions:¬†Free

Credit Packs

  • 20 Credits: $390 (Valid for 1 Month)
  • 50 Credits: $950 (Valid for 3 Months)
  • 100 Credits: $1,800 (Valid for 6 Months)
  • 300 Credits: $5,100 (Valid for 12 Months)

More pricing details available here. 

Getting Here

Trifecta is located at 10A Exeter Road, #01-01, Singapore 239958. 

There is not carpark space within the facility. Drivers may park at the nearby malls, such as 11 Somerset, 313@Somerset or Orchard Gateway.

The nearest MRT Station is Somerset MRT Station on the North-South Line. There is also a bus station located near the entrance. The Bus services available are 7, 14, 14e, 16, 16M, 36, 36B, 65, 77, 106, 111, 123, 124, 143, 162, 162M, 167, 174, 174e, 175, 190, 972, 972M.

Opening Hours

This facility is part of plans to rejuvenate Orchard Road and is expected to open on 28 Oct 2023. 

Trifecta opens daily from 7 am to 12 am, with last session at 11 pm. Off-peak hours are weekdays from 10 am - 5 pm and Sunday after 7 pm. Off-peak hours do not apply on public holidays. 


Photo Credits: The Ride Side

This article was first published in April 2023 and last updated on 27 Aug 2023 with the latest opening details available. 



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