Rivervale Shores Playgrounds with Flying Birds Nests and More

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Located within the Sengkang East Drive HDB housing estate, Rivervale Shores Playgrounds offers kids an opportunity to climb into the Flying Bird Nests and more!  

Venue: 172A, 173C and 175A Sengkang East Drive Singapore 541172
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Admission: Free

Located within the new HDB BTO housing estate at Sengkang East Drive, families will be excited to know that there are 3 different adventure playgrounds suitable for young kids from 2 years old up to 12 and above!

One of the playground is coming soon, and even overlooks the waterway, giving families a nice play to play and relax!

Flying Bird Playground at Blk 172A Level 2

Located above the carpark, is the Flying Bird Playground that is inspired by real birds nests! You will notice 3 differently coloured "bird nests" for children of any age. There will be lots of climbing into and out of the bird nests, as well as climbing within the nests as well! 

Please be mindful when younger children are on the climbing ropes as some of the nests can be difficult for parents to follow. We understand that there was suppose to be a flying fox element, but it seemed to have been removed when we visited.  

Hammock themed climbs and steps can be spotted around the whole playground, as well as net tunnel bridges combining the 3 nests too! There's definitely lots of space for kids to play together, but parents may find it a little more difficult to go through the tunnels! 

There’s also another play area which seems to be for the younger ones. It is located in a shorter area with hammock swings, cargo nets and a regular swing to ensure everyone has fun.

Playground For Younger Ones at Blk 173C Level 2

Located just a short distance from 172A, just in front of a proposed childcare, is a playground great for children below 6 years old to have bountiful fun. 

This playground has been designed for younger ones with a smaller climbing tower with slides, stepping blocks for climbing adventures, puzzle boards, interactive play-things and music making spots for everyone.

Here's a little tip! Play the music instruments as a family band and take turns creating your own family tune! 

Land Bird Playground at Blk 175A (Coming Soon)

Situated just beside Sungei Serangoon Park Connector and over-looking the riverfront, is another playground that we believe is suitable for 2 to 12 years old. 

This Land Bird Playground, which looks like the largest one among the 3, looks like a bird-themed play area with many slides and climbing elements. We spotted sand pits, trampolines and more tube slides too.

It is seems like a great place for any age to relax among the greenery, and offers the fantastic view of the waterway too! We can't wait for it to open - remember to follow us on our socials (Facebook, Instagram and Telegram) to get updated when it does! 

As a new estate, Rivervale Shores is tailored to newer families while not forgetting parents and seniors as there are a lot of resting spots located at every turn. We believe that the playgrounds will definitely be vibrant community gathering spots and a play haven for many children and adults alike.

What to Bring

We didn't spot any water coolers or vending machines, thus water bottles are important. Remember your sunscreen and insect repellents too. We also recommend bringing a towel and / or a change of clothes for drying up after play. 


The Rivervale Shores Playground is located within the new HDB BTO estate and can be quite difficult to navigate around. Just take note of the nearby blocks that we have provided, and follow the signs available onsite. 




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Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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