Play @ Heights Park: Water & Sand Playgrounds at Toa Payoh

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Play @ Heights Park is a family-friendly neighbourhood park at Lorong 2 Toa Payoh with water play, sand play and a high-elements playground too!

*Updated 26 Jun 2022: High elements playground opens!

Venue: In-front of Blk 144 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh
Opening Hours: 8 am - 9 pm (Water Playpark)
Admission: Free

Located at Lorong 2 Toa Payoh, Play @ Heights Park is a small family-friendly park nestled within the neighbourhood with a water playpark, sand playground, an high-elements play structure and fitness equipment too! 

Toa Payoh Water Play Park @ Heights Park

The largest draw at Height Park will be the water play park. Kids be eager to go splashing in the water play area with splashing fountains, water sprouts and a ship structure for pretend play! 

There is also a wavy water channel for kids to play in. We notice the younger ones getting into the channel and splashing around like its their own personal pool! 

If the water stops in the middle of play, don't worry - you can simply press the button located around the playground to reactivate it. 

Looking for other free water play? You may also wish to check out the water play parks at Oasis Water Park (Yishun) and Jelutung Habour Park (Sembawang). Or if you are in the area but prefer not to get wet, there is also the Toa Payoh Crest Playground (Lor. 1 Toa Payoh).

Toa Payoh Sand Playground with Flying Fox

Besides the water play area, you will find a sand playground with swings and a flying fox too! We are sure the kids will have fun on the play equipment or simply by playing in the sand! 

High-Element Play Structure

On the other end of the park is a high-element playground where kids will get to walk across a wavy bridge from one end to another, with slides on both ends for kids to come sliding down the tube slides! 

Kids can either start from either end, or simply cut in from the middle of the bridge (where it is lower). It is not too scary and will be suitable even for younger kids (parents can also walk on the bridge together). 

Obstacle Course / Fitness Corner

Another interesting find at Play @ Height Park is the obstacle course / fitness corner. Try challenging yourself to climb up the low wall and over the other end!  

Bicycle Track and Trampoline. 

Other features at the park includes a mini-trampoline park where kids can jump on the trampolines and a bicycle track with humps and bumps for kick-scooters and little bikes. 

Washing Cubicles and Facilities

There is a washing area for kids to wash up after the water and sand play. Do note that these are open washing cubicles and not actual toilets. Families who wish to use the toilet, may head over to Toa Payoh West Community Centre that is just nearby. 

Otherwise, families can also look forward to sheltered seating area and an amphitheater too. 

What to bring

Do bring along water and sand play equipment like buckets and shovels. A change of clothes will be great for both you and your child (even if you don't intent to go into the water). A small towel, water bottle and mosquito repellent are the other necessities. 

You may wish to bring some snacks for the kids too as there is only a small coffeeshop and vending machines at the Community Centre

Opening Hours

The park is open 24 hours and it is stated that the water playpark is operating from 8 am to 9 pm. 

How to get to the Toa Payoh Water Play & Sand Play 

The play areas are located in-front of Blk 144 Lorong 2 Toa Payoh. The other landmark is the Toa Payoh West Community Centre. 

Car: Park at the multi-story carpark beside the Toa Payoh West Community Centre or the open-air carpark at 148

Public Transport: The nearest MRT is Toa Payoh MRT and it is approximately 10 - 15 mins walk. Take Exit D and head towards the Community Centre.


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