Waka Waka Playground | A Massive Safari-themed Playground At Annex@Furama Singapore

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Waka Waka is a massive Safari-themed indoor playground for 9 months to 12 years old. It is boast a Safari Play, Adventure Cove, Toddlers Area and a huge cafe too!

Location: Waka Waka Playground,  Annex @ Furama, #05-01, 407 Havelock Rd, Singapore 169634
Opening Hours: Mon - Sun (10 am - 8 pm) - subject to changes
Admission: More Details Below | More Package Options on bykido.com

*Updated July 2021 with pictures and details since our last visit in 2017.

    Located at Annex@Furama, Waka Waka is a massive Safari-themed indoor playground located next to and managed by Furama Hotel. It consist of a main Safari Play area, an Adventure Cove, a Toddlers Area and a cafe for parents to rest their legs! It has consistently rank as one of our favourite themed- indoor playground and we like to share why!

    We first visited the playground in 2017 when it opened and made subsequent visits over the years, including a huge party in 2019 with over 500 families (video below)! Within the article, you may find a mixture of images from our various visits.  

    Play Areas In Waka Waka

    The playground is divided into 4 main areas. The Toddler Play, Safari Play, Adventure Cove and Cafe. 

    Toddler Play

    The Toddler Play area is meant for younger kids with a giant bouncy inflatable, and other toys to engage the little ones. While it is thoughtful to have a separate area for young kids, it is not cordoned off and parents are encouraged to look after their little ones as older kids will still enter the play area too. 

    Main Play - Safari Zone

    Waka Waka by Polliwogs


    The main play area takes up most of the indoor playground. The first thing you will notice is the prominent Volcano and Rope area where kids will try to climb and conquer! Once at the top, the kids may slide down the metal slide... and try again! Kids will definitely love this challenge and we love to see parents giving their encouragement too! 

    The rest of the playground is like a maze! Trust me, I have lost a son in there (for a couple of mins)! 

    The 2-tier main structure consist of ropes and climbing structures, obstacles, balancing beams, a couple of slides and a hidden trampoline too! If you lose your kid, try searching at the trampoline. Imagine this as searching for Tarzan in the forest! 

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    Adventure Cove - Rope Course

    Waka Waka by Polliwogs

    A high-element, confidence-building obstacle course for the kids! There is a separate charge where children can suit up in the safety harness and navigate through the rope and obstacle course. It may not look difficult, but it does require confidence and lots of courage too - parents are also welcome to join in too!

    More details on pricing will be provided below. 

    The Lion's Den - Cafe & Resting Area


    Waka Waka by Polliwogs

    Tired? Hungry? or Thirsty? Head over to the cafe that is located within the playground where there are multiple food and drinks options - from snacks to full meals! Time to rest those tired feet, grab a drink and to take a break! 

    Free Wi-Fi is available here. For parents who need to work, you can setup your laptop, while the kids go crazy in the playground! No distractions, except the occasional "Mummy are your done yet" before running back to the play areas!


    Getting To Waka Waka

    By Public Transport

    Waka Waka is located at Annex@Furama (next to Furama). The nearest landmark is Great World (and future MRT station) which is about a 15 - 20 mins walk. 

    If you are taking public transport, you can alight at one of 2 bus-stop nearest to the playground (refer to the Google Maps). You can take Bus Services 5, 16, 51, 64, 75, 123, 175, 186, 195, 564 or 970. 

    By Car

    The nearest Carpark is Furama Hotel. When you exit from the Carpark, you will need to exit the hotel and head to the Annex@Furama, which is next to Furama Hotel, you have to exit the hotel and go to the building next to it. Take the lift to the 5th floor. 

    BYKidO Tip: On certain timings, the lots at the front of Annex@Furama are available for parking. This is more convenient but do note the available times when at the venue. 

    Other Amenities at Waka Waka

    Waka Waka by Polliwogs

    The playground has party rooms, as well as toilets located within the hotel. If you are bringing your pram, it is usually left at the lift landing but do note that it can get crowded on peak days. 

    What To Bring

    The playground is well-equipped with the cafe and toilets. Even if you forget snacks or water, this is readily available. Do remember to wear socks as this is required for both parents and adults. 

    Due to the COVID situation, you will also need to make a booking before your visit. Bring along both your purchase confirmation AND booking confirmation on your visit. 

    Ticket Pricing And Details


    Waka Waka offers a number of ticketing options. 

    • Non-Peak Weekday: $23 ($10 to add rope course)
    • School Holiday & Weekend: $28 ($12 to add rope course)

    You may also enjoy discounts and deals on multiple package on bykido.com with savings of up to $10! 

    Have any thoughts or experience at the playground? Share it with us on the BYKidO Community Forum too and let more parents benefit from your knowledge!



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