Suntec City Free Playground - Let's Play @ L3!

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Let's Play @ L3 Suntec City is a free indoor playground for the kids to run and have fun! 

*Let's Play @ L3 has closed as at Apr 2024

Location: Let's Play @ L3 at Suntec City, Level 3 East Wing near Kopitiam Food Court
´╗┐Opening Hours: 10 am - 10 pm,┬á´╗┐Daily

Suntec City is home to several Indoor Playgrounds, namely, Cool de Sac, Polliwogs, Diggersite, and more. Is it worth having another playground? 

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New Playground


The latest addition is a free mall playground located at the East Wing of Suntec City @ Level 3. The playground is aptly named, Let's Play @ L3. 

Finding the Playground 

Suntec City Indoor Playground - Let's Play @ L3

The Playground is opposite Evergreen Stationary. Simply head to Level 3 and look for Kopitiam Food Court. You should be able to spot the Playground or hear the children screaming in joy!

Small but Good Enough

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Our first thought was that it was rather small. 

The main structure is relatively simple with a horizontal ladder that the LOs climb to reach a winding tunnel. Go through the tunnel to reach the small slide. However, the kids loved it and refused to leave, they simply just go round and round the structure! 

Suntec City Indoor Playground - Let's Play @ L3

The playground also has a couple of sensory structures and spring rides. On a less crowded day, it's actually well suited for the younger kids from 1 - 3 yrs old. 

Our Verdict

We do not recommend coming to Suntec City just for the playground, but if you are at Suntec City and needed somewhere to let the LOs play while getting some rest - it is quite the perfect place!



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This article is prepared by

Jiarong Yu
Daddy to 2 adorable little ones. Misses them the moment they are not around, regrets missing them the moment they are around.

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