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Embark on a Ninja Trail @ Compass One's Play Venue!

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Location: Compass One | 1 Sengkang Square, Singapore 545078
Date: Daily
Hour: 10 am - 10 pm 
Admission: FREE

Bring Your Kid Out to the Ninja Trail @ Compass One, a Ninja themed and wet playground (obstacle course)! If your kid loves to run, climb, jump and get wet, this might be the best place to be! 

Compass One Playground

Obstacle Course for the old ones & young ones too! 

With 13 different obstacles to overcome, you might be tempted to join in to complete the course too! Make it a competition and race with your kid, and be the first to ring the bell! 

Compass One Playground

Compass One Playground

Despite my introductions, the playground is actually suitable for younger kids too. Simply take each obstacle as a stand alone, and you actually have multiple wet "play areas" for the younger kids to enjoy. *But do watch out for the older kids running around! 

Compass One Playground

Compass One Playground

The biggest highlight of the playground is the wet water slide, zooming down and splashing into the water! 

Compass One Playground

The playground is just filled with different types of obstacles to navigate and at the same time get wet in. So prepared to be drench! 

Compass One Playground

Compass One Playground

But don't worry, there are wash / changing rooms in the vicinity for you and your kid to get changed in after the play! 

Compass One Playground

If you are not there for the Ninja Trail, there are also swings and bouncy animal rides for your child too! 

Compass One Playground

Ninja Trail @ Compass One

Compass One, Level 4

1 Sengkang Square 

Free, with Changing Area


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