Places to go this Weekend: Conquer this Slopping Playground @ Punggol Waterway Brooks

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´╗┐Location:´╗┐ Punggol Waterway Brooks
´╗┐Hour:┬á´╗┐24 hrs

We read about a "Slopping" playground at Waterway Brooks @ Punggol and since we were always looking for places to help parents bring your kids out, we decided to give it a visit.

It was actually quite well hidden (we turned a few rounds before we found it), so look out for it along the waterway!

Sloping Playground @ Waterway BrooksÔÇő, Punggol

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Video Introduction

Why is it a sloping Playground? 

Punggol Waterway Brooks

It is not your usual playground, it has been designed to fit onto a slope, thus giving it several tiers that the LOs may climb to. Because of it's design and the need to climb up (and down), I will recommend this for older kids.   

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What to expect? 

Punggol Waterway Brooks

Sloping Playground @ Waterway BrooksÔÇő, Punggol

Lots of climbing - Ropes, Stairs, Slopes, Slides and Climbing Walls! There is even a trampoline for the jumpers too! 

Why do we like it? 

Whiles it's quite small, it's always great to find a "different" playground that can entertain the LOs for an hour or 2.

Sloping Playground @ Waterway BrooksÔÇő, Punggol

PLUS, its located within the Waterway area which allows us to plan it as part of a running or cycling route.  

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Sloping Playground, Waterway Brooks @ Punggol 

Blk 238C, Punggol Drive (facing the waterway)

If you are looking for more "traditional" playgrounds, head to the nearby ones @ Blk 239C.


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