Northshore Plaza II Pirate Ship Playground | Climbing Structures, Rope Courses, Slides And Pretend Play Elements!

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Located over at the waterfront mall, Northshore Plaza II, this pirate ship-themed playground has lots to offer to kids for a great time of play!

Northshore Plaza Pirate Ship-Themed Playground 

Venue: next to Northshore Plaza II, in front of Block 415 Northshore Drive
Opening Hours: 24hours
Admission: Free

Ahoy Pirates!

The entire play structure is designed just like a ship, with two decks coupled with plenty of fun and exciting play equipment! 

Active Play Elements

There are various climbing and rope elements, which the older kids will definitely love having a go at, i.e., the "web-like" rope ladder and the rope course. There are also a couple of slides and a fireman's pole for the kiddos to slide down. 

Pretend Play Elements

What's even more interesting about this pirate ship playground is that it also comes with many pretend play elements! The kids can use their imagination and pretend to be pirates on board the ship that's sailing out to sea! The "ship" also looks into the sea, which gives more realism to the whole pretend play element! 


Play Panels

There are also a number of play panels located on both levels of the play structure, where the kids (especially the younger ones) can keep their little hands busy!

Location & Accessibility

You can find the Northshore Plaza ship playground over at Northshore Plaza II.

Northshore Plaza I and II is Singapore’s first sea-front neighbourhood mall, situated in Punggol. The mall is directly connected to Samudera LRT Station (PW4) on the Punggol LRT (PGLRT) West Loop via an overhead link. Samudera LRT Station is located just beside Northshore Plaza I above Punggol Way. The Punggol PCN also runs alongside the mall, which makes the mall easily accessible for families to stop by/over after a walk/run/bike ride along the sea. The mall is also just a short 7-minute drive from Waterway Point. 

Nearby F&B Outlets & Amenities

Parents will be happy to know that the playground is also situated near many F&B establishments, such as Creamier (an ice cream and coffee cafe), 4Fingers Crispy Chicken and A&W. This makes it easy and convenient to grab food and drinks for the hungry tummies.

The nearest toilet is also located just behind 4Fingers Crispy Chicken.

There is a small playground (for 2 to 5 year olds) located on the 3rd floor of Northshore Plaza I beside the enrichment centres. Little ones can play on the little slide, swing and play panels. 


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