Nature Kindred is a Hidden Nature-themed Family Fun Venue with Longkang Fishing, Parent-Child Workshops and More

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Nature Kindred is a nature-themed family venue for parents and kids to connect with nature through different fun bonding activities. 

Venue: 65 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore
Opening Hours: Sat & Sun, 10 am to 7 pm
Admission: Free, fees apply for activities

Nature Kindred is a nature-themed family venue located within a plant nursery where it aims to provide an opportunity for parents to disconnect from their everyday routines and responsibilities and focus on their relationship with each other and their children. 

The venue offers a number of nature family activities for families to spend time together in nature and to create stronger family relationships! 

Parent-Child Fishing Experience

Duration: 60mins (booking by timeslot is required)
: from $20

In the centre of the venue is a beautifully designed fish pond with little guppies of different colours and fin shapes. Here, you and your child can bond through fishing as each of you try to catch these fast swimming friends. 

You will receive a net and a container before going to the side of the pond to start this little adventure. While it may seem difficult at first, we saw many families catch more guppies than they initially thought they would! 

Those who purchase the Parent Child Fishing Experience with DIY Kit package ($38) will get a decorative fish tank that they can decorate using rocks, sand and figurine to bring home. Do note that the tank will fit 2 to 3 fishes. You may also purchase the experience without the kit, and you will receive a plastic container to bring the fishes home!

Parent-Child Bonding Workshop

Duration: 90mins
Date / Time: Sat & Sun | 10.30 am (Mandarin session), 1 pm (English session)
Price: from $138

Enjoy a nature-themed 90mins session with your little ones at the Nature Kindred Parent-Child Bonding Workshops! 2 sessions are conducted on Saturdays and Sundays, including a session in Mandarin and the other in English. The sessions are led by experienced teachers who are dedicated to promoting family bonding through nature activities. 

The workshops will allow kids to engage with nature through play, and to allow your child to explore, discover, play, investigate, and enjoy. The sessions will include a nature theme and kicks off with a storytelling session related to the theme of the day. After the storytelling, parents can work with their child on a similarly themed Art & Craft activity and to express your creativity and imagination.

The session will conclude with a visit to a plant nursery where the children will get to see different types of plants and their unique features as well as and for photo taking! After which, children will get the opportunity to plant their own plants - a sure way to let them feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. 

The workshop is available at $138 for both parents and child. You may add an additional child with material for $38 and with without material for $20. Additional child below 2 years old is free. 

Kids Nature Science Experiment Classes (Drop-Off)

Duration: 60mins (booking by timeslot is required)
Price: $48

In the Kids Nature Science Experiment Classes, kids will be provided natural science activities to help them discover and wonder about everything in the world around them! This is a drop-off programme where the young explorers will get various opportunities to engage in hands-on learning experiences through discovery with science, nature, insects, and plants.

Kids will be amazed by the Exploration Area which consists of natural materials, science games, live insects, life cycles, experiments, flowers, and many more!

Photo Credits: Nature Kindred

This programme is suitable for kids aged between 1 to 10 years old with different activities designed by an educator for different age group to encourage curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills.

Examples of activities for different age groups are

  • ¬†(1‚Äď3-year olds), the activities will focus on nature science interactive toys & exploring textures in nature, such as feeling the bark of a tree or the petals of a flower. ¬†Collect natural materials like leaves, flowers, and sticks to create art projects. Talk about the colors and shapes you see and how they relate to the natural world. Butterfly life cycle - Show the child butterfly's life cycle and explain the different stages. ¬†Play recordings of different animal sounds and have the child guess which animal they are hearing.
  • (4‚Äď12-year olds), the activities will focus on more advanced scientific concepts, combine with different types of nature science experiment such as creating a homemade volcano or studying the life cycle of an insect. Observing and identifying different plants and animals in nature, using binoculars or magnifying glasses. Studying ecosystems and food webs in nature, including learning about predator/prey relationships and how energy flows through a system. Investigating renewable energy sources, such as hand on a wind turbine or solar panel.¬†

So as your child is busy exploring and discovering the natural world, parents can savour a cup of tea at the Ten+ Cafe and Bistro outside while enjoying the beauty of the environment. 

Ten+ Safari-themed Cafe and Bistro

Photo Credits: Ten+ Facebook page

Located within the same compound as Nature Kindred is Ten+, a safari-themed cafe and bistro. Their menu includes a variety of Western and Eastern delights, as well as all day breakfast mains - items that are suitable for both adults and kids! 

Order a coffee or a beer, before sinking down into your seat to take in the natural surrounding, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Make it an all day family trip by having your meal and enjoying the parent-child activities at Nature Kindred too! 

Venue and Opening Hours

Nature Kindred is located at 65 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore. Activities are available on Sat and Sun between 10 am - 7 pm (some activities have specific timings). There will also be plans to have activities on public and school holidays too. 

Ten+ opens on Mon and Wed to Sun (closed on Tue) between 11 am to 11 pm. 

Getting Here

Nature Kindred is pretty out of the way (and part of its charm) and it will be most appropriate to drive or to take taxi/hired car. 

Parking: Limited parking lots are available within the compound. 

By Bus: The nearest bus stop is opposite Chengtai nursery with Bus Service 975. You will need to work about 10mins to reach the location from the bus stop. 


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