National Gallery Singapore's New Visitor Experience Includes a More Accessible and Inclusive Art Space with Free Art Activities

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Families visiting the National Gallery Singapore can look forward to new Safe Entry podiums for a quick check-in, Activity Landmarks, and Digital Kiosks, among others. 

Location: 1 St Andrew's Rd, #01 ‚Äď 01, Singapore 178957
Opening Hours: 10 am - 7 pm Daily
Admission: Free general admission for Singaporeans and PRs.

National Gallery Singapore is progressively rolling out a range of improvements to make visits to the Gallery even more welcoming, guided, and personalised.

Whether visitors choose to pre-plan their visit or drop by spontaneously, a variety of new self-service options are available to guide them. Additionally, with the Gallery completing its renovation works in the Basement Concourse, visitors can start their journey with an introductory art experience before exploring the rest of the Gallery.

Free Art Encounters in the Basement Concourse

The Spine Hall

The museum has reinvigorated its Basement Concourse, transforming the venue into a more accessible and inclusive art space with free art activities and experiences.

Visitors can look forward to getting up close to a variety of large-scale artworks at the new Spine Hall and Imagination Gallery. At the Y-Lab Showcase, you can interact with innovative art and tech prototypes powered by technologies such A.I, blockchain technology, and more. 

You can also look forward to a line-up of artworks and multi-disciplinary, multi-generational programmes that will be refreshed frequently to inspire all with art. Additionally, visitors will be able to enjoy greater accessibility with the upcoming Calm Room, which will cater to the needs of neurodiverse visitors.

The basement concourse is open and free for all visitors, including non-Singaporeans, to enjoy. It joins the ArchiGallery, Keppel Centre for Art Education, Ng Teng Fong Roof Garden Gallery and Gallery’s Children’s Biennale as part of a range of spaces free for everyone to explore.

Self-service Digital Options

Visitors who prefer a spontaneous visit can look forward to several new self-service digital options to spark inspiration for their day. From this month, visitors who enter via the Coleman Entrance will be greeted by new Arrival Landmarks that introduce the Gallery’s latest exhibitions and programmes. New Safe Entry podiums also ensure a quick check-in for visitors.

Visitors can skip the queue when they book their Gallery passes online and print them at the Gallery Pass Dispensers by scanning their confirmation QR code.

They can also tap into the upcoming self-service Digital Kiosks, located at key access points around the Gallery. Visitors can browse through different exhibitions and programmes, purchase, and print their Gallery Passes through the kiosks.

Visitors can also look forward to using the Activity Pillar to source for inspiration for their visit. The activity pillar will showcase ongoing programmes, exhibitions, and tours at a glance to help visitors plan their day better.

The self-service Digital Kiosks and Activity Pillar are slated to be installed by Q1 of 2022. The Gallery’s Visitor Services Counters remain open and roving concierges will be on hand to provide further assistance for visitors that prefer the human touch.

Web Companion

For visitors that prefer to have an itinerary to guide their visit, the Gallery is working towards introducing a new web companion that empowers visitors to personalise and explore curated art journeys. The new web companion will be fully integrated with the Gallery’s website.

The Gallery has curated art journeys with different visitor profile needs in mind, with options for families, first-timers at the Gallery, and even an Instagram Worthy Trail. Visitors can choose to follow these itineraries base on their interests and may even be inspired to explore a new exhibition or programme that they might not have been previously aware of.

Visitors will also have the option to create their own art journey through their mobile phones or on-site at the Activity Pillar or Digital Kiosks. Once they have completed planning, they can pay and print their Gallery Passes via the Kiosks directly.

More information on the Gallery’s new visitor experience will be shared in due time. The revamp is a project supported by the Singapore Tourism Board and Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth.

Image credits National Gallery Singapore 



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