Equine Experiences At The Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre - Indoor & Outdoor Arena With 60 Horses & Ponies

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The Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre boasts an indoor and outdoor arena with 60 well-trained horses and ponies. 

Venue: Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre, 1 Equestrian Walk, Singapore 737863
Opening Hours: Tue - Sun, 1 pm -  9 pm (weekday), 9 am - 9 pm (weekend)
Fees: from $88

Did you know that the Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre offers classes and leisure rides for riders with little or no experience? In fact, the riding centre offers equine experiences at its indoor and outdoor arena - here's what families can expect! 

Riding Programmes

For those with experience, you will need to attend an assessment lesson so that instructors from the centre will know your skill level and advise you on the suitable class to attend. 

For those with little or no experience in riding, you can choose to attend a 7-week riding introduction programme to pick up the skills. These are small group classes to teach you all you need to know - before you advance to the next stage, based on your abilities. 

Leisure Programmes

If you are not looking for a structured programme to pick-up riding, the Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre also offers one-time leisure programmes for those looking to engage with the horses or just to try-out riding. 

Leisure Horse Ride

Fees: $118

The leisure horse ride experience is designed just for those new to horse riding. You will be guided by seasoned instructors on all the gears required for a safe ride and how to properly tack up your horse. There will also be a horse grooming session, where you will get to learn tips and tricks to keeping the horses happy and healthy.

Leisure Trail Ride

Fees: $108

Experience horse-riding adventure trail through the scenic lush greenery as you take in the charming sights and sounds of nature at the world-class riding centre spanning three hectares, atop majestic yet gentle horses. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled during your journey for horses in training or horses playing and interacting with one another. 

Stable Tour

Fees: $88

Get an exclusive, inside look at the stables as your guide (the stable manager) shares some hands-on experience on caring for horses. You will be treated to an up-close and personal encounter with the friendly horses, including petting them to your heart’s content. This is the time to get your cameras ready o capture this memorable experience.

Click here to get more details about the experiences available at the Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre. 

Age/Weight Limitations

Children must be at least 5 years old for above activities; children below 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult. For the safety of the riders and the welfare of our horses, the acceptable weight limit for a rider is between 30kg and 75kg for activities that include horse riding.


Sessions are available from Tue to Sun from 1 pm to 9 pm on weekdays and 9 am to 9 pm on weekends. Each session is 45mins long and is subjected to availability. 

You can make enquire about a booking here. 

Getting To There

The Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre is located at 1 Equestrian Walk, Singapore 737863. 

  • By Car: For those driving, there are limited free parking at the premise.¬†
  • By MRT: The nearest MRT Station is Kranji MRT Station, and is about 12mins walk
  • By Bus
    • SMRT 925, 925A, 925M, 960, 961, 961M:¬†Alight at the bus stop¬†opposite Woodlands Industrial Park D Street 1 (ID: 46381), along Woodlands Avenue 3.
    • SBS 160, 178,¬†SMRT 925, 925M, 960, 961, 961M:¬†Alight at the bus stop after Woodlands Industrial Park D Street 1, along Woodlands Avenue 3 (ID: 46389). Cross the road to¬†get to the¬†Riding Centre.


*Photo Credits: Singapore Turf Club Riding Centre



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