Changi Airport T2 Reopens Fully Featuring a 14m-Tall Waterfall Display, New Garden and More

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The refreshed Terminal 2 is now fully reopened - bigger and better, with new amenities, attractions and shops for you to check out, including a majestic 14m-tall waterfall display! 

After three and a half years, Changi Airport fully reopened Terminal 2 with new shops, F&B outlets as well as attractions. In particular for families traveling from Terminal 2, do check out the two newest digital installations to be unveiled, The Wonderfall and Dreamscape. Both installations offer a truly immersive experience and are definitely not to be missed. 

But that's not all! Read on to find out what else can families expect at the expanded Terminal 2!

The Wonderfall

The centrepiece of the departure hall ‚Äď digital waterfall display The Wonderfall ‚Äď stands at 14m high and 17m wide, spanning¬†the height of Terminal 2‚Äôs Departure Hall!¬†

Every half-hour, a four-minute musical show set to instrumentals composed by Canadian pianist Jean-Michel Blais will screen across its 892-tile screen. Be mesmerised by the torrents of water rushing down. The special 4-minute show, Rhythms of Nature plays at 30-minute intervals throughout the day. D

Keep your eyes peeled and try spotting some hidden easter eggs within the falls ‚Äď a rainbow, butterflies, and a Kingfisher flying across this digital landscape.

Serving as the entrance to a lift lobby, the LED screens framing this entrance make it look like you are walking right through the waterfall.


Located at Terminal 2’s transit area, Dreamscape is an amazing immersive garden that is elevated over a pond under a mesmerising digital sky. Integrated with the airport’s weather system, the digital sky mimics daylight and weather conditions in real time. 

Look out for the special surprises in the sky such as passing planes, birds, or even a hot air balloon. Every now and then, the regular forecast switches to a thunderstorm, and the skylight turns into an underwater portal where fish, otters, and even a sampan boat float by.

Dreamscape features more than 20,000 plants from 100 species, some of which are not commonly found in Singapore. Another cool feature is the transparent pond - a transparent platform above a fish pond that gives the feeling of standing on water - definitely a thrilling experience for little ones as they spot fishes gliding below them.

Flap Pix Exhibit

Do you remember the iconic flight information display boards that used to be in Terminal 2 Departure Hall? One of them has been transformed into the Flap Pix exhibit, an interactive art piece at the public area of Terminal 2 where visitors can interact with.

Located at Level 3, families can snap a photo at the exhibit or select from a range of preset designs and watch the interactive display craft a personalised artwork with the Solari Board flaps. An absolute must for a memorable photo opportunity! 

New Gourmet Garden

The new Gourmet Garden in Terminal 2 Transit offers a photogenic place to rest and refuel before your flight in Changi Airport, with undisrupted views of the tarmac and taxiway. Offering various dining options, be sure to check this area the next time you are flying off from Terminal 2!

2 Bears Hideout Playground

Located within the transit area is also the new 2 Bears Hideout, an indoor play space for little ones to expense their energy while awaiting your flight. Step into a mini wilderness right here in the airport at this imaginative playscape, complete with mother bear and baby bear. 

TV Lounge with Massive Screen

Situated adjacent to the South Gourmet Garden, you'll discover the TV Lounge, an ideal setting to relax and enjoy live sports broadcasts on a vast 245-inch display. Featuring over 20 cozy individual seats complete with charging facilities, it serves as the ultimate destination to recline in luxurious seating, enjoy some entertainment, and to recharge your devices prior to departure.

Food and Shopping

Terminal 2 is equipped with abundant retail and dining options in its public and transit areas. These include Korean chain GOPIZZA, coffee house Hudsons, smoothie stand Boost Juice, and donut kiosk Dunkin’. McDonald's has also reopened at Terminal 2 too!

Newly opened shops, including luxury Italian jeweller, Pomellato, Old Seng Choong, and a double-storey Lotte Duty Free Wines & Spirits store. 


So the next time you are flying out from Changi Airport Terminal 2, or just visiting the airport, don't forget to check out these new and exciting attractions and to-dos in the terminal! 


*Photo Credits: Changi Airport Group 



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