Mummy Georgina and Her Kids Visit Admiralty Park Playground

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Mummy Georgina contributes her experience at Admiralty Park Playground and here's why we imagine this as the Northern King Of Parks!

Venue: Admiralty Park @ 31 Riverside Rd Singapore 730000
Opening Hours: 24 hours (Lighting hours: 7.00 pm to 7.00 am)

BYKidO Moments - Admiralty Park Playground

We like to thank Mummy Georgina for sharing her little one’s adventures at the northern King of Parks, the newly revamped Admiralty Park Playground. It is one of our favourite parks, and I believe it is also a favourite for many other parents and kids too!

BYKidO Moments - Admiralty Park Playground


The park is divided into three play areas‚ÄĒJunior play, Adventure Play and Family Terracing play‚ÄĒwhere children can climb, slide, swing, and explore to their hearts‚Äô content.

With 26 slides in the park, the most number of slides in Singapore, your little one is sure to be spoiled for choice!

BYKidO Moments - Admiralty Park Playground

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Slide down the Curved Roller Slide with your little one if you’re feeling bold. At about 34 metres long, it is the longest slide in the park.

BYKidO Moments - Admiralty Park Playground

Children with special needs are also sure to have a swinging good time with the inclusive play equipment including swings equipped to support wheelchairs.

Admiralty Park Playground is bound to excite children of all ages and abilities. Your little one will without a doubt, enjoy this whole new level of playing experience.


As part of the park is closed for upgrading works, be sure to enter via Riverside Road.

Things to Bring

  • Sunblock
  • Mosquito Patches
  • A Change of Clothings

BYKidO Moments - Admiralty Park Playground

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