Butterfly Maze At Jurong Lake Garden | Play While Interacting With Nature

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The Butterfly Maze at Jurong Lake Garden is a unique spot for children and families to interact closely with nature. 

Venue: Jurong Lake Garden
Admission: Free

The Butterfly Maze at Jurong Lake Gardens includes a series of paths that weave between and over mounds and is set within an undulating landscape filled with butterflies. Children can enjoy the maze while interacting closely with nature and learning about the lifecycle of butterflies.

Play & Nature

The Butterfly Maze is located between Forest Ramble, the playground at the park and Garden House. Children are given autonomy to explore and experience the maze. They will also be able to experience the joys of being immersed in nature while at the same time encountering challenges, such as meeting dead ends. 

Families can expect play areas with slides as part of the maze experience as well as plenty rest areas (and seats) to have a break or even for a family picnic.

Learning About Butterflies

There are also signs found throughout the maze for children to learn about pollination and the lifecycle of butterflies. Additionally, the maze features butterfly-attracting plants, such as Giant Milkweed (Calotropis
gigantea), Blood Flower (Asclepias curassavica) and Golden Drew Drop

Children can expect to see a range of vibrantly coloured butterflies.

Therapeutic Intent 

The Butterfly Maze was designed with a therapeutic intent for children with special needs, such as ADHD, and is complementary and adjoins the children’s section of the therapeutic garden at Jurong Lake Gardens.

To discover more attractions and facilities at the park, do visit our Family's Guide To Jurong Lake Gardens.

What To Bring When Visiting?

We recommend bringing along sunblock, insect repellent and water bottles. Hats and sunglasses are optional but useful especially during the day. Mummies and Daddies may also want to bring along a backpack for the ease of moving around too. 

How to Get To The Jurong Lake Garden Butterfly Maze

Located at the Jurong Lake Garden, families can enter the Butterfly Maze through the entrance near to the Forest Ramble playground. 



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