Buangkok Square Park: Free Water Park & Village Playground

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Located within the HDB housing estate, Buangkok Square Park is an exciting play venue offering a free water park and a village-themed dry playground! 

Venue: Buangkok Square Park, between Block 986D and Block 992A
Opening Hours: 8 am - 8 pm (Water Park), 24hours (Dry Playground)
Admission: Free

Another water park opens within a HDB neighbourhood! The new Buangkok Square Park Water Park opened in March 2024 and joins that ranks the growing list of exciting water playgrounds, including Heights Park (Toa Payoh), Oasis Waterpark (Yishun) and Jelutung Harbour Park (Admiralty).

The play areas at Buangkok Square Park includes the water park and a village-themed dry playground. 

Buangkok Square Park Water Park

The Buangkok Square Park Water Park is a free water playground for everyone to enjoy. The Aquatic-themed Water Playground offers families a gated space to enjoy water play and to cool off from the heat! 

Families will find many splash elements, including a Dragonfly spray fountain, a spray tunnel and even a mini splashing bucket too! What we like about the splashing bucket is that it is transparent, and you can know when the bucket will be tipping over (instead of waiting too long)! 

There are also many other water fountains scattered around the playground for little ones to go splashing in! 

There also a water play area for younger ones to play at. It resembles a stream with fountains and water gates, little ones will usually run around or sit themselves into the stream while splashing about! 

There are also ample seating that circles the water park, giving parents a place to rest while having a view of the kids. 

If the water stops, there is a button in the middle of the water playground that activates the water when pushed. 

Parents will be pleased to know that there is a open washing area with 2 showering facilities to clean the kids before heading home! 

Buangkok Square Park Playground

Next to the water playground are 2 dry play areas. This is the Village-themed dry playground that resembles huts on stilts, similar to the playground at Yishun N8 Park. 

There's a taller playground with different climbing elements for children to enter the huts elevated from the ground! The coloured huts are connected to each other by net tunnels that children can climb through and make their way to the slide! 

The lower huts at the other side allows younger ones to climb on cargo nets into the huts, and to enjoy the swings around too! 

What to Bring

If you are planning to engage in water play, remember to bring a change of clothes and be properly attired. Otherwise, we recommend parents to bring along insect repellent, sunscreen, a towel and water bottles! 

You may also wish to bring a small towel to sit on (and a hat to wear) because the seats can get quite hot under the sun. 

Opening Hours

The Buangkok Square Park Water Park is a gated area and is open from 8 am to 8 pm daily. The dry playgrounds are in the public areas of the park, and can be accessed 24 hours. 


Buangkok Square Park sits between Block 986D and Block 992A, and is conveniently located near to Buangkok Square Mall. 



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