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The Yishun Neighbourhood N8 Park is located next to HomeTeamNS Khatib and has a playground and more for families to have outdoor fun at! 

Venue: Between Blocks 809 and 810 Yishun Ring Road and HomeTeamNS Khatib
Admission: Free

The Yishun Neighbourhood N8 Park is located between HomeTeamNS Khatib and the Blocks 810 and 809 Yishun Ring Road. It provides an great spot for outdoor play with the newly opened playground, and other amenities for families to spend time in the sun. 

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Yishun Neighbourhood N8 Park Playground

The park consist of 2 playgrounds, the older one is located at Block 809 Yishun Ring Road where there is a climbing structure and ropes, swings and other play elements for the kids. This playground is well-sheltered with trees surrounding around. If you get too warm, it's a good place to "escape" to! 

The newer playground (opened June 2021) is more interesting as it is designed as houses on stilts! There are 3 sets of houses around the play area. 2 of them are next to each other and consist of a taller structure and a shorter one (for the younger kids). Within each set, the houses are connected by rope bridges with ropes and slides on either end of them. 

You will also find trampoline for the kids to jump on too! 

The last set of houses is apart from the first two. The set up is similiar with more ropes, slides and colourful houses on stilts! 

Unfortunately, the little shades on the top of each set does not do much in shielding the sun. 

What Else To Expect At N8 Park? 

While the playground may be the most exciting element for the kids and families, the park offers families more.

Families can bring their bikes and scooters to go around the park or take a break at the plaza area with a stage (we imagine it will be used for events in the future).

Around the park, you will also find silhouettes of animals and you can try to play a game of guess or spot the animals! 

Finally there is a nice sized football field but that appears to be not ready yet. 

If you need to hide from the weather, why not head over to HomeTeamNS Khatib and visit the T-Play Indoor Playground.

How To Get To N8 Park? 

The park is between HometeamNS Khatib and Blk 810/809 Yishun Ring Road. The nearest MRT is Khatib MRT and the nearest carpark will be at Blk 810 Yishun Ring Road. 


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