Arty Party Singapore - Family Friendly Art Jamming with Glow-In-The-Dark Paint!

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Located at Bugis, Arty Party is a conveniently located art jamming venue offering the unique neon art jamming experience! 

Venue: 62B Queen Street  Singapore, 188541
Opening Hours: Mon - Thu (10.30 am - 7.30 pm), Fri - Sun (10.30 am - 9 pm)
Fees: from $59

Arty Party Singapore is a space for families and parents to relax, have fun and to just let go - not forgetting also great for creating family fun too! The space is quite "free-for-all" with paint splashed across the walls and the art jamming sessions reflect that tension-releasing atmosphere too! 

Be your very own Picasso, embrace your inner creativity and be amazed at the sense of satisfaction that stems from forming something distinctive with your own hands!

Art Jamming Experiences

The art studio offers a number of art jamming experiences, ranging from single to group sessions as well as the extremely instagrammable Neon Party experience! 

The sessions use a mixture of different techniques. This includes Swing, Spin and Splash. You can choose to take up specific techniques or go through the entire experience. You can read more about our Neon Party Experience. The sessions available are

  • Swing Spin Splash Combo for 1 Pax (60mins)¬†
    • 1 x 16" x 20" canvas
    • Acrylic Paint x 4 Colours
  • Swing Spin Splash Combo for 2 Pax (60mins)¬†
    • 2 x 16" x 20" canvases or 1 x¬†34" x24" canvas
    • 2 Sets of Acrylic Paint x 4 Colours
    • Special Paint x 2 Colours
  • Swing Spin Splash Combo for¬†Adult + Kid Combo, 2¬†Pax (60mins)¬†
    • 1 x¬†16" x 20" canvas
    • 1 x¬†16" x 12" canvas
    • 2 Sets of Acrylic Paint x 4 Colours
    • Special Paint x 2 Colours
  • Swing Spin Splash Combo for¬†Family Combo, 4¬†Pax (90mins)
    • 2¬†x¬†16" x 20" canvas
    • 2 x¬†16" x 20" canvases or 1 x¬†34" x24" canvas
    • 4 sets of Acrylic Paint x 4 Colours
    • Special Acrylic Paint x 4 Colours
  • Neon Party¬†Combo,¬†1¬†Pax (60mins)
    • 16" x 20" canvas
    • Neon Paint x 2 Colours
    • Acrylic Paint x 2 Colours

Apart from canvas, they also offer a session where you will get to decorate a stature bear too - you can contact them directly for more details. 


Arty Party sessions are available on BYKidO SHOP. You will enjoy a discount, earn KIDOS (reward points) and even stand a chance to get 100% cashback on your purchase too! 

What To Take Note

Here are some common queries that you may have! If you have more questions, you can just drop us a message too! 

  • The paint use is water-based and easy to wash off.
  • While protective cover is provided (poncho, apron and shoe covers), we still advise you to wear something that you don't mind getting dirty.¬†
  • It is a "anyone-can-paint" activity, even the babies may have fun too, although we suggest 5 years and above as the most appropriate.¬†
  • Add $12 to join your child¬†on the same canvas or simply purchase a package for yourself too.
  • Up to 2 pax to one canvas - otherwise it can get crowded to work on the same canvas.¬†
  • After purchase, you are advised to make a booking. While they have opening hours, we understand that they only open if there are customers / bookings.¬†
  • You will have to leave your artwork at the venue for¬†at least 48 hours to dry. You can top-up to have your artwork delivered to you and/or lacquered.¬†

How To Get To Arty Party 

Arty Party Singapore is located at Bugis, it is on the 3rd level of the building at the end of Bugis Street facing the Bugis Hawker Centre. 

  • Address:¬†62B Queen Street ¬†Singapore, 188541
  • Contact:¬†+65 9787 2925

The nearest MRT is Bugis Station (5 - 10 mins away), there are multiple bus stops in the area, and the nearest carpark is the HDB carpark at Bugis Hawker Centre or at Fu Lu Shou Centre. 

Opening Hours

  • Mon to Thurs: 10:30am - 7:30pm
  • Closed on Wednesday
  • Fri to Sun: 10:30am - 9pm

You are advised to make a booking before heading down as they may only be open when there are bookings. 


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