The Artground @ One Holland Village with Drop-in Sessions and Art-based Programmes

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The Artground @ One Holland Village offers a space for 0 to 9 years old to meaningfully engage with one another, through the arts.

Venue: 7 Holland Village Way #01-20 One Holland Village, Singapore 275748
Opening Hours: 9.15 am - 6.15 pm
Admission: $5 per pax 

The Artground @ One Holland Village is the 2nd space from The Artground offering families with kids between 0 to 9 year old a space to spend time together and to engage with each other through the arts. 

The Artground at One Holland Village promises a diverse creative experience for children, families, and seniors alike with drop-in sessions as well as regular arts-based programmes for families.

Enjoy a Diverse Creative Experience

The Artground is dedicated to nurturing children’s creativity, offering captivating adventures in visual and performing arts. The Arts-based Sensory Storytelling Curriculum, designed for children aged 18 months to 6 years, immerses them in a world of creativity. Seamlessly blending literacy, creativity, and language skills through storytelling and visual interpretations, guided by sensory-driven methodology, The Artground aims to nurture fine motor skills, foster social-emotional competencies, and cultivate an interest in the arts.

Fostering Intergenerational Connections

Beyond children’s programming, The Artground commits to fostering intergenerational connections through the arts with the Intergenerational Programme designed to facilitate meaningful connections across generations.

This initiative offers engaging hands-on activities carefully crafted to bring together children and seniors in shared, creative experiences, enhancing bonds between different age groups.

Drop-In Sessions - Curious Garden

The Artground @OHV will be offering changing themes for families to drop-in, and for it's opening play installation, the theme is A Curious Garden. 

So come hop on toadstools, dance with the garden gnomes or hide in the treehouse! Spot the reimagined rocks in a garden and the colourful trail which may take your mind to new places of discovery. Come explore and let your imagination take flight in the arts space at One Holland Village. 

Sessions are available in the following slots.

  • 9.15am ‚Äď 10.30am,
  • 10.45am ‚Äď 12pm,
  • 2pm ‚Äď 3.15pm,
  • 3.30pm ‚Äď 4.45pm,
  • 5pm ‚Äď 6.15pm

Those visiting with young ones, you will also be please to know that The Artground @OHV offers a Baby Care Room with equipped with a changing table, hot & cold water dispenser, nursing chair, power sockets.

Activities: Art-based Programmes

The venue also offers weekly art-based curriculum for little ones, drop-in programmes for grandparents and grandchildren, and weekend programmes for parent-child pairs, where they integrate pedagogy with artistic practices, empowering every family member to meaningfully connect through the arts.

Weekly Arts-Based Sensory Storytelling Curriculum

In collaboration with Australian arts company, Sensorium Theatre, this bespoke programme is designed and customised for local use with children from 18 months old to 6 years old. Children will be engaged in integrated learning across different domains, including Creative and Aesthetic Expression, Visual Arts Exposure, Language arts engagement and literacy development, and Multi-Faceted Learning.

Classes are available weekly, and sign-ups are on a monthly basis or as a 3-month term. 

Admission Details 

Admission fees for the drop-in sessions are $5 per person, including babies in arms. No reservations or bookings are required, simply walk in to explore 'A Curious Garden'. 

Payment on-site via Cash or PayNow, and non-slip grip socks are mandatory for everyone (except pre-walking babies). Socks will be available for sale $3/pair for those who do not have them. 

For the other programmes and weekly activities, please check The Artground @ One Holland Village. 



*Photo Credits: The Artground



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