REVIEW: Arty Party Singapore Glow-In-The-Dark Art Jamming

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Activity Reviewed: Arty Party Singapore - Swing, Spin, Splash Glow-In-The-Dark Workshop
Reviewer: @bringyourkidout

Arty Party Singapore is an art jamming venue located at Bugis offering an interesting art jamming / splashing experience with neon paints. We have seen lots of photos online and decided to give it a try ourselves! 

The experience was definitely very fun and highly recommended! 

Let's Go Splashing!

The session started with each group receiving a white canvas, before we were instructed to start splashing paint on the canvas using our brushes! You could choose from normal or neon paints - but halfway through the splashing, the lights went off to reveal the glowing neon paint - it is at this point that everyone went WOW! 

Check out the difference when the artwork is viewed under ultra-violet and normal lighting.

*It is interesting to note that this splashing had no effect on our final art work, but was more of a warm up activity. 

Next we were instructed to fill a cup with different paint - layering them one over the other and to create patterns as we did so. Once that was done, the kids had fun pouring the paint over the canvas and to tilt the canvas to create a marbling effect on your artwork. This is probably the messiest part of the experience as children get their hand in the paint and cups of paint were spilled over!

Noone cried over spilled paint! 

Finally, the canvas was placed on the spinning machine where we watched it transformed once again into our final work! Using the spinning action, the paint "spreads" throughout the artwork and create a "spilled" look.

*Remind the kids not to put their hands into the machine when it is spinning! They might get hurt doing so. 

The staff was patient and helped every group improve their artwork and to cover up any missed spots.

Our Conclusion

It was a "anyone-can-be-an-artist" type of activity. No skills, no age limits - just messy, fun and get amazed by your own creation! After all this is done, you will have to leave the canvas to dry - you can choose to pay an extra fee for delivery and lacquering (to maintain your artwork).

Our favourite part - no cleaning up after all that mess! Definitely something for families across all ages! I will even throw in the suggestion of bringing the grandparents too!

What to wear

Arty Party provides ponchos (kids) and aprons (adults) to protect your clothes. You can also request for shoe covers too. The paint is washable but we will still advice to wear something you don't mind getting dirty too. 


Arty Party Singapore is located at Bugis, it is on the 3rd level of the building on the side of Bugis Street and facing Bugis hawker centre. 
Arty Party Singapore
62B Queen Street Singapore, 188541 (near Bugis MRT)
$69 on (U.P. $79)
You can purchase your session (with a discount) on


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