Alexandra Canal Water Play - A Hidden Water Play Spot for Families!

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Located at one end of Alexandra Park Connector, the Alexandra Canal Water Play is a hidden water play venue for a day of fun!

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Venue: Alexandra Canal Water Play Area, 377 Tanglin Road, Singapore
Admission: Free

Along Alexandra Park Connector, a 1.2 km stretch of Alexandra Canal from Tanglin Road to Delta Road has been transformed into an attractive open waterway with softened banks to create a community as part of the the PUB's Active, Beautiful, Clean (ABC) Waters programme.

Here, you will find the Alexandra Canal Water Play Area, a short stretch of the open waterway decked over to create an interesting water cascade where little ones can go in to play! 

If you are in the area, you may also wish to check out the playgrounds at the Alexandra Canal Linear Park too!

Simple, Quiet and Hidden

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Approximate 200m, starting from Prince Charles Crescent to Tanglin Road, is a linear park with a decked wetland waterway traversed by boardwalks and incorporating a shallow water play area.

Unlike the water playgrounds that you find at the malls, Alexandra Canal Water Play Area is a simple water feature where kids can go splashing and exploring in the ankle deep water (makes it great for toddlers too)! 

Because it is not as feature-packed, it is relatively less popular, making it less quiet and a hidden spot when visiting too! 

Keeping The Water Clean Naturally

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At the Alexandra Park Connector, families will also find a wetland habitat featuring plants such as the papyrus reed, cattail and water lily, supports wetland biodiversity, attracting visits by dragonflies, damselflies and birds.

The plants purify water pumped from the canal by filtering out sediment and taking in nitrogen and phosphorus before returning it to the canal.

Educating the Public

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Families will also discover lookout decks at the water’s edge and educational hubs with information about different wetland systems and habitats as well as on the importance of sustainable clean water resource. There are bridge across the canal with parts of the canal deliberately left uncovered to allow visitors to see the canal beneath.

Facilities at the Water Play

Do take note that there are no showers or toilets at the water play. While the play area is generally unshaded, you will find some shaded seats surrounding the water play area. 

What To Bring

We highly recommend sunscreen and hats, and also a towel and change of clothing too. For parents, bringing along a portable fan and a portable chair will make the visit much more enjoyable too! 

Bring your wet wipes and extra water to rinse your little ones, in case you are worried about them being dirty too. 

How To Get There

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Alexandra Canal Water Play is located at 377 Tanglin Road, Singapore and the nearest MRT station is Redhill MRT station.  


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