Roar Bar & Grill: A Family-Friendly Pub Dining Place (with a BIG Kids' Play Area!)

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Thinking of a venue to gather with loved ones - where the adults can relax and indulge in tasty food, while the kids can play and have fun?

Well, look no further.

Roar Bar & Grill (located in suburbia at the rear of the Roar Fitness 24/7 gym in Bibra Lake) is a family-friendly brewery style dining place that offers the perfect, safe and laid-back environment and experience for the whole family to enjoy.

Roar Bar & Grill

Photo Credit: Roar Bar & Grill/Facebook

Location: 23 Port Kembla Dr, Bibra Lake WA 6163, Australia (access to the restaurant is through the Roar Fitness 24/7 main entrance)
Opening Hours: Mon to Wed, 7am to 3.30pm | Thu to Sun, 7am to 8pm

The indoor dining area comprises mainly casual seating with some large tables for group bookings. There is also a bar with lots of screens showing sports. 

Casual seating

Photo Credit: Kids Around Perth


Photo Credit: Kids Around Perth

Indoor seating

Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

The outdoor seating is bench tables and chairs that are placed alongside the playground, so you can watch over the kids while having your meal in peace!

Outdoor seating

Photo Credit: Roar Bar & Grill/Facebook

The Adventure Playground has so much to do to keep kids of all ages, skills and adventure levels busy! The centre piece of the playground is a huge wooden fort made up of a couple of levels with many nooks and crannies for kids to explore.

The kiddos can have a go at climbing over the wooden log beams to get to the tall jarrah timber slide.

Adventure Playground

Photo Credit: Roar Bar & Grill/Facebook

If your little ones are game enough, they can also take on the Fireman’s pole, where it leads to the underneath of the fort, complete with coloured windows, body cutouts, a rope net ladder, and a rope spider web.

Fireman Pole

Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

Rope Ladder

Photo Credit: Roar Bar & Grill/Facebook

Around the main playground are lots of other play features too. Located alongside the playground is the inflatable jumping pillow, where everyone of all ages (including the Daddies and Mommies) are welcome to jump!

Jumping Pillow

Photo Credit: Roar Bar & Grill/Facebook

The Mud Kitchen is a little set up - catered to the younger kids - with sandpit toys and kids seats for their very own restaurant play.

Mud Kitchen

Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

There's also a smaller wooden play fort with a barrel tunnel, as well as a real-life vintage flatbed truck (that actually served in World War II) and a S. S. Minnow charter boat to play in too.

Climbing wall

Photo Credit: Roar Bar & Grill/Facebook

Barrel Tunnel

Photo Credit: Roar Bar & Grill/Facebook


Photo Credit: Roar Bar & Grill/Facebook


Photo Credit: Roar Bar & Grill/Facebook

Also not forgetting, the spinning barrel, where the kids can run their hearts out on.

Spinning Barrel

Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

The family-friendly menu has an extensive variety of meals to choose from, and the portion sizes are generous. Being part of a gym, there are various healthy food/dessert options available, such as Coco Whip. Healthy sweet and savoury light snacks are also served at the food display area.

The Kids Menu has a good range of meals to choose from as well. It also doubles up as an activity for the young ones (with coloured pencils ready for use).

Kids Menu

Photo Credit: Buggybuddys

The place gets pretty busy on weekends and public holidays, so it is highly recommended to visit on a weekday if you'd like to enjoy the entire Roar Bar & Grill experience without the crowds. 

You do not need to be a member of Roar Fitness to eat at the restaurant, it is open to the general public from breakfast to dinner every day.

For more information, you may also check out the Roar Bar & Grill Facebook Page.


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